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Published: 17 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymous

I have been living in the ** Richmond, BC since December 2016. I have had 9 major issues and they are still not fixed. When I first moved in, the water tasted awful in the 2 bathroom sinks and kitchen. I talked to the Richmond Water Works Dept. and they sent a man out to test the water. I gave him a glass of water and he could smell that it was full of chlorine. He said that the building had not been flushed out to get rid of the chlorine. They had to flush out the building a few times and still to this day, the water doesn’t taste great.

Next, I had a problem with the water pressure in the sinks and the shower. The water would bubble and change pressure. Also, in the shower, the temperature would change, from really warm, to warm to cold. To this day, it still has not been fixed. They had to re-wire my kitchen lights as they were not wired correctly. The men came twice, first time to replaced the bulbs and they burnt out in a matter of days. The second time they came, it tried to take apart the fixtures and to no avail. I did it for him and he was also farting in my kitchen. He was very inexperienced. I could have done a better job than him.

My hall fixture light burnt out and they said that I had to pay for the new bulbs. I said that it wasn’t the responsibility for me to purchase them. My shower was also leaking water on the floor. They didn’t cock it properly and they had to repair that, which took them over 2 months to do. The other day, I had a flood in my kitchen underneath the sink. The water had backed up in the sink and was coming out underneath the sink and flooded the floor.

I called Prompton Real Estate. It has been a nightmare trying to get all of these issues repaired. Everyone passes the buck onto someone else. I cannot believe that for a brand new building that I would have so many issues. I did believe that Concord Pacific had a good reputation but not anymore.

I spoke to the President of the Strata and he had the same problem with the kitchen flood. He is an Engineer, and he fixed the problem himself. He said that the pipes were not assembled properly. I am wondering what is going to go wrong next week. I certainly hope that you will give me the courtesy of a reply. I did not contact someone at Concord Pacific, left a voice message, and never got a call back. This situation is very upsetting for me.

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