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Published: 08 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymous

Concordia University is located in Northeast Portland, Oregon. The University cost is over 20,000 + per year. And, here are some qualms:

1.) Trauma Central: Portland,Oregon is a sanctuary city. This means un-housed people are legally allowed to sleep outside in cold temperatures in the rain and sleet with gusts of winds blowing on their face all night long – every night. The whole city itself is a piece of live filth because these individuals have no place to put the garbage they generate. It’s not their fault, but there is no active solution from the city. As a result, trash cans in the city are always overfilled.

A friend of mine refers to Portland as, ”An open air insane asylum.” Any field you study in mental health at this University, will not prepare you for the reality of what you will see in the City Center. People are sleeping in business foyers with tarps and tents, and pushing around shopping carts with their belongings. Think, Los Angeles, Jr. The un-housed population is growing, and growing and growing. There is no active plan by the City to address this issue, to date.

2.) Can’t Let Your Guard Down/Theft: Concordia College is tucked away in Northeast Portland, which is a rough neighborhood. I used to go to a local food share in St. John’s – a ways away from the University. I was robbed there in broad daylight. A worker who affirmed this said another woman had been robbed, too, around the same time frame as myself. This is a neighborhood where you MUST keep your doors locked at home and car doors locked, too.

3.) TriMet Sucks! – TriMet is the local transit system (bus/rail). Bus 75 and 17 run near the college. Try riding a bus, and well, you’re in for a surprise, here’s why:

I’ve been in other countries for great lengths of time. America is one of the worst countries for public transit, let me tell you! Horrible. Portland is supposed to be the best in the country, but no way! Buses are always late, and then you end up missing a transfer bus, and can’t get anywhere on time. ”It wasn’t me, it was the bus.” Sooo awkward. So much for independence and freedom.It’s so embarrassing if you actually need to be somewhere on time, too. You always have to explain. omg.

People born and raised have adapted to TriMet’s deplorable riding conditions and irregular bus arrival times. The riding conditions themselves involve hipster trash with young kids always on a brick phone device (too much EMF), suburbanites who have never visited a real European city or Chinese city travelling into City Center with screaming, sugar addict toddlers in strollers. OMG. I never saw this anywhere else I have lived or traveled.

4.) The City Center is a Nordstrom, Starbucks, and a bunch of banks???? So much for the Arch de Triumph.

5.) Concordia Library – Um, who would design a library and put right outside of the library a football stadium? Think about that one and the noise level. Then, all the jocks coming into the library answering their phone while you try to study. No floor is silent and there are conversations had on all floors, regardless of signage saying: ”quiet zone” or ”no cell phones.”

The third floor is awful! Instructors walk by, some of the women in high heels, and it is just: clomp, clomp, clomp.

Not a conducive place to study. And, you can’t study in a local coffee place because they are on watch, always think you are homeless with bags, and there’s even key codes to get into the bathrooms in all the local coffee places? You are an adult, yet get treated like a child left and right.

These are the conditions in which this university is located, so it is important to see the big picture.

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