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Published: 16 December 2018

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Reconsider moving to the Connerton Land O Lakes sub-division (managed by Green Acre Properties.) While sales people and Realtors will do their best to get you into this “family-friendly” sub-division to earn their thousands in commission, what they won’t tell you is how the Homeowner’s Association overmanages this Community. Yes, Connerton is beautiful and they have nice amenities (which you’ll pay for quarterly.) Everyone smiles at you when you’re buying. We have lived in other homes over the years throughout the area that had HOA’s that were reasonably strict, which is fine. Reasonable is the key word. If you have leaves on your driveway, leave your garage door open, forget to bring your garbage can in overnight, have imperfect landscaping, or if your guests park 1 inch over the grass on the side of the road, you will be sent a letter. (There is actually a list of “approved” landscaping plants–pick something not on the list because you didn’t know about it and you’ll have to remove it.) Yes, they have someone driving around daily to see what they can find wrong with your property so they can bill you for more money. We have received notices showing photos of their complaint–and sometimes the property in the photo is NOT ours! Oddly enough, when we have made “corrections,” and responded by signing off on their letter and mailing it back in less than 7 days, inevitably another letter comes 7 days later with another warning about the same problem. They don’t wait the 7 days to send the next letter, as if it’s on an automatic letter-printing schedule. We keep our property well-maintained, as do most of our neighbors. We know most of our neighbors on our street and truth be told, everyone feels the same way. This Green Acre Property Managment company is overzealous and unrealistic in their expectations or perfection. Real people with real jobs living real lives who are tired of being “threatened” with letters and fines, which can cost 100.00 per day up to 1000.00. On the other hand, the HOA does nothing about dogs running loose (Connerton has someone that emails everyone when this happens) nor do they enforce the leash law and we’ve seen scuffles ensue between dogs as a result. As an attorney friend told us, if you don’t meet whatever their standards are, ridiculous as they may be, they can put a lien against your property so it can’t be sold without paying off the fine. Read the massive Covenant thoroughly. We should have talked to homeowners here before purchasing a home, and we’re considering moving as a result. Do your due diligence before moving here. FInd an HOA with reasonable rules.

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