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Published: 21 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Yeah me and my cousin Darrell know Connie Arturet and her daughter, Destiny Arturet, VERY WELL…personally. After meeting Connie and Destiny at Ron John’s on 501 they suggested we "get a room" at 1:00am. Connie and Destiny said they would pay for the room and meet us there. However, they did not pay for the room (with money anyways). After hours with them at the bar barking how cracker guys are disgusting and us black guys treated them great and with respect, they demanded to go to the motel for serious matters…drugs, sex, alcohol, etc. fun-times! We had sex, smoked crack and pot, drank booze, and Destiny even paid for my cuz’s drugs by mouth if you know what I mean! Destiny Arturet boasted about how the entire cracker race is only good for cracker women to have sex with because she is also bisexual to control the white women. The pure Indian chick, Connie Arturet, spoke how she and her husband a pure Puerto Rican, had paid for Destiny Arturet’s college to destroy the crackers. That is why they named her Destiny Arturet…because they said it was her Destiny to destroy the cracker race. Eight years of college to get political power to claim her Destiny of destroying the cracker race. You go girl! However those two are madly insane, we found that out half way through the night. They wanted us to do things we have never even heard of with this orgy party and Connie made us call all of our bros over for more drugs and they paid for most of it with sex. After telling me she worked for Remax Realty in Conway, I found that skank Connie Arturet and she did really work there and she owes me money! Connie finally called me back saying she was going to report me to the police. Hey man, I just wanted more of that free shit and I have more to give and she owes me man for all the crack they smoked! After googling her name, this website came up so I’m just trying to have another night of insanity or at least pay for it like you girls all did that night! Call me but don’t jail me girls!



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