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Published: 16 October 2018

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Last Sunday, July 19th, I went into Conn’s with my mother to take a look at refrigerators and washer and dryers. I spoke to the store manager first, his name was Andy. He then had me talk to Jesus Tovias once we determined what I intended to buy for pulling financing info. My total investment was just shy 7,000. I was told that my things would be delivered the following Thursday for free. I got a call the evening before the delivery to let me know they were coming and that I would need to be available. The crew finally showed up around 7:45 pm Thursday evening. Leo was the head contractors name. He brought me the dryer but had a 3 prong cable and we needed a 4 prong. He didn’t have any extra in his truck but when I immediately called Jesus on his cell that he gave me for any problems, he seemed “put off” that I was calling him and didn’t remember who I was. After he figured out who I was, he proceeded to tell me that he was on vacation. Why he would give out his cell while about to leave for vacation I’ll never understand but he didn’t correspond quite a bit with me even though he didn’t have to. He arranged for someone to bring the correct cable the following day, however after they hooked the dryer up, it came on initially but as soon as the heating element began to heat, the breaker popped. This tells us at the time that there is something wrong with the dryer because we have been using our older dryer for four years in the same house and it pulls more amps than the newer dryer. The contract workers tell me that there is something wrong with our breaker and I argue and tell them no and then speak to Andy who is the manager at the Conn’s. He told me that he would have someone come out and make sure its the dryer. I told him that by this point, I’ve taken off two days and now having to take a third and missing income and so they needed to come out and exchange the dryer. He said it would be done……..guess what?? next day no one calls to confirm delivery so at Andy’s request, I call him again and speak to him and get put on hold while he called the warehouse. Finally get another crew out and they did not have a new dryer for me. .

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