Consolidated Funding, Inc

Consolidated Funding, Inc

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Published: 22 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have been harrased and called by this company for many months offering working capital i decided to try to get a loan from them when i decided to expand my business, i submitted my paper work and started talking with an individual named Kenny Shaw aka Ken Shaw aka Kenneth Shaw that promised he could get me a 10 % credit line for 3-5 years and he was a direct lender which is not true and he is a broker. after a few days he came back with a Merchant Cash advance that was 60 % and like more than 10K plus in fees for a $100,000 advance. i told him i would not move forward if the rate was not lowered. after many back in fourths and a bit of discount i decided to take the loan. in the closing documents there was an ach form that said Proffesional service fee for 5 % percent which was $5000 due to him plus additional fees to the actual lender . a week later i noticed he took out another $5000 and i immediately started calling him and could not reach him . | i finally did and he said it was a mistake and would be putting the money back into my account. i waited and waited that never happened. 4 days later another $5000 was stolen from my account. i called him and he started yelling and screaming and said that i had signed the ach form giving him the right to take out $15,000 in fees in a revolving ACH debit and he repatedly refused to return the money he stoled from me. he is a liar thief and con man. i advised him that i was going to his office to get the money personally and i would sue him if he did not return the money .he stated he would call the cops and if i showed up he would try to have me arrested for tresspassing. i immediately went to my bank to put a stop on any of his achs and come to find out he was trying to steal another $5000 from me. after i disputed this with my bank and they dont know if they could return the money beacuse of the ach form i went straight to my attorney and we are getting ready for legal action. | i am a small business owner trying to grow his company and the last thing i need right now is to deal with a Con Man like Kenny Shaw. ALL BUSINESS OWNERS BEWARE OF THIS CON MAN AND DO NOT ENGAGE IN ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS THAN HIM HE IS A CON MAN ROGUE BROKER

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