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Published: 25 February 2018

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I discovered these vultures picking at the bones of my fathers bank account when I sat down to go over his finances. When I asked Dad what happened he said this nice man James Chambliss is helping me get money back from some of the investments I lost. I was not aware how bad things had been for my father until I started to look at his records from the last 3 years. Going over statement after statement I find his losses total over $100k. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about the kind of slug that would lie and steal from a man who put his life on the line for his country. To make matters worse when I looked into some of the companies a simple Google search would have pulled up plenty of information to make you avoid these investments. Unfortunately people of my fathers age are nor very computer savy. However when I talked to my Dad about Consumer Advocate Services Enterprises of Long Beach, Ca I found a new level of hatred for these scum of the earth. For James Chambliss to sweet talk an old man and steal almost $20,000 with promises of a check in 90 days getting all of his losses back. I asked Dad , why did you pay them all he could say was Mr. Chambliss was so nice to me, he gaurenteed me I would get money back. So you prey like an animal on the carcass of an old man who has lost evertything he worked so hard for. To kick them when they are down is the lowest of the low. How do you sleep at night Mr. Chambliss? The owner based on the California Secretary of state is someone named Michael Demarco. So I run Mr. Demarco’s name through the California Secretary of State and find Consumer Advocate Services is not the only company he owns. Apparently he recently opened a company called US Energy. That sure sounds awfully familiar to an energy scam. Just like the ones that already robbed my father’s dignity and bank account along with it. How do you look at yourself in the mirror having ruined my dad’s life and god knows how many other innocent victims lives? I called the company and acted like an interested customer to see what nonsense they would tell me. Sure enough I got to Mr. Chambliss who proceded to tell me they have a lawyer and have a great relationship with the government agencies. So I look up the lawyer’s information in the California Bar. Someone named Daniel Weinstein. No law liscence to speak of. Weather he went to school or not I don’t know but for someone to be practicing law and giving legal advice without being liscenced is a major crime. Do they know this? I think they do, I just don’t think they give a crap. Lie, steal, lie, steal, lie, steal over and over again. Do not pay this company under any circumstances or anyone else that doesn’t have a liscense to practice law. I am not sure how these heartless creatins continue to crawl around and survive but there not going to any longer if I have a say. Thankfully my best friend’s husband works for a federal agency and I was able to file a case with the FTC against them. Don’t let these maggots or people like them get away with hurting you or the people you love. It won’t be long now until they come for you Mr. Chambliss, Mr. Demarco. They will be getting the letter in the mail, the knock on the door and hopefully the sound of the bars closing behind them soon enough. Hope it was worth it. For my father it wasn’t but hopefully watching these people burn makes him feel better.

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