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Published: 15 February 2020

Posted by: IWonder

– I came into work today and checked my voice mails. I received a phone call the previous day at 5:29pm. The call came from Reggie Christopher with the offices of CRA. He stated, ” It is very important that you or whoever currently represents you to call this office immediently today. The offices of CRA. My toll free number is [protected].” – The first problem I have with this is he had my first name correct but the last name is completely wrong. I have never been married and never gone by any other aliases. – The second problem is he called on my direct line at my work. This pretty much narrows down where he got his information or at least my information from originally. – I had applied online a few months ago for an online payday. Well how this works is you apply through a broker by filling out the application and the broker cross references your information with thousands of lenders until they find one that approves you. There are also lenders that you can apply to directly. Nonetheless, I applied, was approved, and have since paid the loan off, case closed right? WRONG. Well from what I can piece together, somewhere in that application process my information was stolen and sold to various vendors. My reasoning for this is because after I applied for the loan I began to get calls on my cell phone and work number for another obvious scam group but they were foreign. Now suddenly I get these calls from CRA. Perhaps they are indeed a valid collection agency but I do wonder. I plan on calling them today and perhaps harass them just a bit to turn the tables because the message Mr Reggie left was one of impending doom if I did not call back. The biggest concern is one reviewer states CRA had her banking and routing information. If this turns out to be the case with me, then that further solidifies my argument that they have indeed purchased my information illegally. I am not too concerned however. I have placed a freeze on my credit when the initial calls begin with the other agency. The other component is even if they do have my banking information, they cannot withdraw funds without explicit AUTHORIZATION. That is why they hammer you try to pressure you on the call to release your bank information. If you authorize it, then they are doing nothing illegally. If you do not authorize and they take the money, THEN it is illegal and they can be held accountable for it. All they can do is call you and ask for money. From their website they do seem to be an established consumer agency but their tactics are predatory to say the least. Since they participate with BBB, if I determine they calling without basis then I will report a case to the BBB. – Good luck to everyone dealing with this company.

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