Consumer's Choice Automotive Group

Consumer's Choice Automotive Group

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Published: 15 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This company has no ethics and no morality when it comes to the undermining they perform to cheat people out of their hard earned money. They use the bate and switch method while speaking with them on the phone they will ask the person’s situation in terms of their credit and proceed to assure them it is not a problem give them a list of vehicles that are on their lot that are their finest. But when you get there they automatically will pawn off on you the worse vehicle they have with the most mechanical defects. There next step once you are aware is to tell you to bring it back and they will put you in a loaner while they have the repairs done, hence bate and switch. After an extensive amount of time, approximately when your first payment is due to the lender which they have already submitted your contract to this is where the real tricks come into play. The vehicle check engine light gets reset minor to no repair are done, continual lies ensue. | They will even go as far as to tell you the defective parts have been replaced to force you to drive the vehicle back off the lot, and if you request your money back they will tell you, you either take the vehicle they have selected or get no vehicles and there are no refunds under any circumstances. | Did I mention that now the owner’s wife steps in and with no empathy or hesistation dictating how the rest of this situation is going to go down so they can get their payoff from the lender. Informing you that if you don’t cooperate when the lender calls you will be out of a car and out of your money. These people are extremely undermining as well as intentional in their foul deeds. If what they do is not illegal it should be!! | I can tell of at least one other person that have been tricked, bated and ripped off by this dealership. Again, I forewarn anyone do not….do not… not attempt to do business with this dealership, you will get burned!!!! It should bare the name Consumer Choice Money Stealers…….not to mention people who have credit issues don’t stand a chance at a fair deal, not at Consumer Choice Cars!!!!!!

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I have been charged for two products that i did not order. I originally responded to an offer for 2 free products but have not ordered