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I can’t believe they did this

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Published: 13 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I don’t have much experience with cars, I’ve only had 1 and just for a few months. I don’t even know what to do when something goes wrong, so I was looking for the best place to buy and service my next car. I already knew it had to be an Audi, and this dealer was my first choice.
I went there without an appointment first, just to take a look at the facilities, a salesperson approached me, we’ll call him Jim, and asked for what I was looking for, he was polite and easy to deal with, so I thought I’d give it a try. He showed me the cars, they were all beautiful; there was one car I was particularly interested in, but I wasn’t there to buy, so I told Jim that I was interested, but I had to think about it.
His attitude completely changed in a second; as taken straight out of a horror movie, his smile disappeared, and his voice grew deeper. He asked if I was serious about not purchasing anything, I had to rush to the door to get away from him. Right before I could go out, another man got in my way, asking to get my contact information (phone and e-mail address) before I left, so they could hold the car for me. I told them I wasn’t certain about the purchase, so that wouldn’t be necessary; however, they were so pushy that I ended up giving them my information, I felt extremely aggravated by the way they treated me, there was already no way I was going back to that place.
This experience alone was more than enough for me to leave a bad review, but this is not the only thing that’s wrong with them. A few days after my visit, I started getting text messages and emails almost every single day, and they were all spam from services I didn’t even know. I received offers for gyms across town, coupons for restaurants outside the state, there was no way these were for me. I started suspecting that my email address and phone number were compromised during a security breach or something like that, so I used this online app to track what companies use your personal data, and found out that all of my information had recently been sold to a very sketchy company that sold it to the general public. And yes, it was the guys at Naperville, they had sold my private information just because I didn’t buy a car the first time I was there. This might sound like nonsense, but I can’t even think of what would’ve happened to the rest of my information if I had actually bought the car, would I be seeing ghost charges in my credit card?
I am taking legal actions against these people and their dishonest sales tactics, I’ve already made sure to spread the word around my friends, you have lost not one, but several customers.

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