Contract Law Saves Lives

Contract Law Saves Lives

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Published: 06 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

He calls himself “Sir KhemsaNu”. He is a big con-artist and will steal your money. Do not pay him a dime! The so called services and classes he teaches are just a front to take your money. | There are several reputable individuals who will help and provide you with true solutions to the same services. He Scammed me out of $5100 cash! He along with his staff will talk a good game and are very nice and accommodating until they get your money. Then no return phone calls or emails. | The staff will send you a “bill” which will be bogus; such as office visits that never happened because there isn’t an office in your state; and phone calls that never happened. Which is easy to prove once you look at your cell phone bill! By the way he and his staff always calls you from a blocked number too. | KhemsaNu overcharges for his services and the paperwork is worthless! You will not get a remedy just RipedOff! Buyer Beward. You will get scammed!

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NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS. Do you feel like no one understands you? Do you feel lost or alone in a crowd? Does life feel?

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