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I would recommend everyone reading this to stay away from this fraudulent company.

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Published: 12 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Having a family is not all about responsibilities and hardships. It is also about having fun and relaxing. When the summer vacation of my kid commenced, my wife and I decided to do something adventurous. After looking for new and interesting things, my wife came up with the idea of going on a cruise of a few hours. The idea seemed fun as well as refreshing and our daughter too liked it and so we started looking for companies which offer cruises. After looking for some time, we came across Cool Bean Cruises. On their website, we checked out the different type of cruises they offered and it seemed quite nice. We decided to go for it.
I had a few queries regarding the timings and routes, so I decided to call them and get my doubts cleared. At first, the call did not get connected. I tried again a few more times and after some time, the call finally got connected. The customer service guy did not seem to know a lot about the company that he worked for. It took him a lot of time to answer my questions, it was really frustrating. After talking to him, I and my wife decided that we would go for ‘Champagne Sunset Cruise’. We scheduled and booked our cruise. The amount for a 2-hour cruise seemed to be a bit much but we decided not to think too much about it as ‘the experience would be worth every penny’.
The day arrived and all of us were excited to witness the beautiful sunset on a boat. We reached the place early to not be late. While we were roaming around, we saw a couple complaining about how their cruise was ‘not worth it’ and how they should have chosen another cruise company. We decided to pay heed to it and we moved away.
Finally, our boat came and we boarded it. I must say I was disappointed when I stepped onto the boat because I had imagined the boat to be a bit nicer than it was. There was also kind of a rotten smell which was buring our noses throughout the cruises. I would never forget that fucking smell, it was the worst odor I’ve ever encountered. We were offered complimentary drinks. I and my wife both did not drink it as it seemed that they had gone bad. The captain of the boat told us to not carry a packet of chips as ‘it would contaminate the sea’. I vividly remember it was written on the website how we could bring food or snacks aboard the boat. My daughter had to throw away her favourite Twix bar.
The cruise started and it was not going smooth as we had planned. There was some problem with the boat and after sailing roughly for almost an hour. It took time to repair it and neither were we able to look at the birds properly nor did we make it to the sunset as it had become too dark by the time the boat was ready to sail again.
It was one of the most epic disasters of all time and I regret booking a cruise with Cool Bean Cruises.

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