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Published: 03 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This company , apartment complex illegally charges tenants $25 dollar for writting personal checks to pay the rent…because theyve gone green they say….But then they charge you $20 extra for paying online with a credit card….But then they ONLY take a check to refill your laundry card which you must have to use their laundry facilities…they also charged me $125 for a card gate key to gain entry to the front gate of the complex..which has never actually had a gate on it…ive lived here for 10 out of the 12 months on my lease…. next , they gave everyone 1st months free rent..but then according to their history and my asking other tenants they find reason say youve broken your lease in order to get you out a month early…so really your getting 11 month lease instead of 12 ,,,, they are also evicting everyone who has children ,,,gang harrass tenants with children ,,,call the police on 11 and 12 yr old children for hanging out in the breeze ways ..between apartments just being kids. an a runaway teenager broke into to maintence shed and stole a golf cart and..and they spy cameras caught on video this runaway kid…coming to my door in the wee hours of the morning ,,apparently the runaway 14yr old with an arrest record a mile long…had seen that some of my childs friends were having a sleep over that was the run ways reason for knocking at my door… one knew he had commited a crime nor that the kid was a run away all we knew was that a child was knocking on my door before daylight so one of my guest opened the door to see what the kid wanted banging at 6 am…they let him in to use the phone…as anyone in there right mind would let a kid in who said he needed to call his parent at 6 am. looking stressed….well the police had apartly been looking for him and unfortunatley for me they arrested him in my doorway…… ive been billed 683.78 for the repair of the golfcart he stole and wrectked,,,,and they sent me a notice saying i have broken my allowing on of my guests to steal ..from the apartments…… well 1stly i had never seen this kid prior to the morning he came knocking at my door because he saw 3 , 11 12 13 yr old girls having a slumber party on my balcony…my child and her friends made the mistake of opening the door for the kid at 6 am…but had i been awake id have done the same thing..seeing a child at the door….but now they threaten us to leave 2 months before my lease is up …they are trying to charge me with the golf cart bill stolen by a runaway known for stealing cars motorcycles etc….apparently for what i here since this incident.. and the apartment management has called the police on my 11 days out of 14 saying theyve seen this runaway kid whom they arrested that day and let back out on the street 3 hrs later.. they claim to see him entering my apartment 11 days out of 14 and called the police to harrass me…which is untrue,,,because the police have came in interrogating me harrassing me searching without a warrant saying their is a runaway in here….everytime ive been home when the cops were called…. they interrogated searched and harrassed me everytime to no avail…no runaway here ..we live on the 2nd floor one door in and out…with cameras pointed at the door so the office absolutely have no grounds to call the police.. saying there is a runaway here ,,,they seem to have some officers at their bekon call for bogus reports….because every time the police show up the first thing out of there mouths are and i quote “YALL ARE GETTING EVICTED YOU KNOW THAT RIGHT?” they say this every time…and they show up in groups of 3 trying to gang stalk and harrass me so i will leave….i have yet to receieve any official eviction notice…just bogus notes from the office saying leave immediately to avoid eviction….well if i leave 2 months early on my lease then they can say i didnt fulfulll my financial obligation…and try and sue me for the remainder of the lease…..

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