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Bunch of inexperienced and unprofessional losers!

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Published: 20 November 2018

Posted by: Arthur

Bunch of losers! They are just out here to eat money! The way they charge bills is just absolutely ridiculous. I issued my son’s divorce case with them and everything went very smoothly in the beginning. We were told about all the charges that would happen accordingly and we agreed to all of it but as the process started even before the first hearing we were charged twice of what was discussed at the first meeting. The attorney who worked for us sounded good and comforting always but the excess collection of bills that were being sent to us were shocking. We wanted to stop service from them and so when we informed them they gave us huge list of charges and asked us to pay them by the week. They started threatening us with bill delay charges with extra added bills. It was so damn frustrating, every now and then receiving bills via mails and messages. It’s their strategy of scamming money from people. They are such money lechers. They might be good at what they do but at the expense of ruining the client by robbing him of his bank balance! This is not right! Have some humanity guys! This method of billing you guys have designed is absolutely ridiculous. It’s intentionally designed in a way that numerous amount of unknown charges and bills are put upon which are not even discussed in the beginning. I can’t be sure of their services either. I have heard many stories of them exploiting their clients at every step with extra charges and these hypocrites they charge $100 as consultation fee and promise consultation of two three times until you hire them and don’t respond after the first consult.

A friend of mine was charged $1500 extra a week later after her divorce was completed without her knowledge when she had already paid all the bills and finished all the closing process. She went to the finance department with her ex-husband to resolve this issue but no action was taken. She was forced to pay the extra 1500 bucks! How pathetic! How could they just leave her like that with no option. What are they thinking ? They think they are playing it very smart! They continue to bill you even after the case is dismissed. This company needs to be closed. Just boycott these bastards by not taking services from them at all! They fucking charge for all the emails they send, for every phone call you receive from them and also if the date of hearing is cancelled from the court itself you are still charged. They charge an amount of 60 dollars just to open an email! They always take the payments in advance, it’s their way of conning you. I have heard stories from people that after they are done with you hiring them and making all the payments they leave you with a worthless lawyer with neglectful presentations in the court leaving you shocked and disappointed with huge bills to pay and if you ask to change your attorney they would straight away deny saying they won’t be representing you anymore. They offer a lot of paperwork and professionalism in the beginning which makes you feel confident about them and you want to believe in them but these losers they are a bunch of show bugs the street lawyers are better off them and more adamant in their practices and that too in less money.
I warn you not go to this people. Do you research on this firm and trust these reviews and save your money from being flushed down to drain. They will just ask you more and more money instead of showing any god damn results. They won’t refund a single penny of your money even if you lost the case instead you will be shown different charges and asked to pay more. A friend of mine who was had hired Cordell and Cordell in August 2017 and his case went on for long and he just made to two hearings that year and his case was on a stand still till august 2018, apart from the charges that were listed to him, he was charged with an extra amount of 11 thousand dollars! For a case that was on stand still! And he forced and threatened to pay that amount. Cordell and Cordell needs to shut down for conning people on every step. They can’t keep doing this and this frustration and anger is just not inside me, there are thousands out there in fact everyone who has worked with them wants to bring them down and get their money back. If you are one of the few who has been duped, join me to spread awareness again these losers and if you haven’t, join all the same and help bring these liars down! They don’t deserve the status they have been vying for. They deserve the worst sort of punishment for their wrongdoings!

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