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Published: 19 October 2018

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On May 5, 2014, I received a call from Peter Mills, a supposed Attorney with Cordell & Associates out of Florida. He claims his firm is representing investors who lost money on an investment and that they were able to recover 11.2 million dollars in the out-of-court settlement as a result of a Class Action Lawsuit. This is enough money to pay back investors 70% of their money, but that the firm would be keeping 20% of that as their retainer, so I would end up with 50% of my initial investment. Mr. Mills further stated that the “”mandate”” ends on May 9th (meaning other law firms would then be able to file lawsuits against this failed company); so he was going to e-mail me all the information and forms I would have to read and sign, and he also stated I would have to sign a Release BEFORE my money would be distributed to me. He also stated I would have to send 7 to 9 percent of the 20 percent retainer to his firm UPFRONT and that I could mail the payment along with the signed documents. I told Mr. Mills I had since gotten married and would I need to send documentation proving my new name. He didn’t even know what to tell me! He said he’d have to ask one of his partners and let me know. He’s a lawyer????? Warning bells were going off the entire time we had this conversation, as I’d lost my investment over 5 years ago, and not once did I ever receive anything in the mail regarding a Class Action Lawsuit against the failed company. Then, out of the blue, I get this phone call and he knew my name, how much I had invested, etc. The call ended and I immediately got on the internet and started googling these people. My husband and I worked together and while I googled things on the internet, he called the State Attorney General’s office in Florida to report this. I called the Florida State Bar and no one there could find any of the names in this firm on their list, so I got transferred to another department where you can report suspicious activity concerning lawyers. She is sending a form to me by mail to complete and send back to them. I also googled the address of this firm and while the building does exist, it is a leased suite office building where you can lease a physical office space or a virtual office….hmmmm….how convenient is that??? I believe he may be on to us because he no longer answers his phone. There’s an automated operator when you call who then transfers you to an automated personal assistant where attempts are made to put the call through and when that doesn’t work, you get the voice mail.

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