Corinthian International Parking Services, Inc.

Corinthian International Parking Services, Inc. Review

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Published: 06 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Hello there , I am cass hudson I was fired when I was off of the clock . I had 2 hours before I had to work . An employee said they smelled a funny smell . Of marrijua . On me . I was not the person who would do something like this , during work hours . This is unheard of. I loose my job for sumthing I did not do . I go past a few of the job sites and I see employees in the parking lot smoking ,while they are on the clock . And they are valet drivers . One of the guys iver me is isreal his number is 6263836530. And the 1 managers name is donte . 3108362222. I find it kind of crazy that they fire me and their property is now up for lease . This is the office that hired me and fired me . 215 North Eucalyptus Avenue Inglewood Ca 90301 . Plz some 1 catch these foney guys . . Its crazy they will not give out any info on their boss . Some 1 needs to investigate these guys . Can you help me start a lawsuit against them .

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