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Published: 26 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am reporting a serious concern at my apartment complex. The rent is reasonable but with all the the issues they have going on, its not worth the price. The day I went in to sign my lease and get keys was a major RED FLAG. I counted 15 people that came into the rental office to complain that their air condtioner had gone out. They were complaining of their air being out for months. One guy was so distraught that they had to threaten to call the police. I moved in this year in August, so it was very hot and humid. I the asked the rental lady if this was goung to be a issue for me. My daughter has documented asthma. She stated that as long as I had a statement from her doctor, they would fix air conditioner the next day. | Before I went to sign lease, I noticed that the unit I was movong into was not the unit I wanted. They had given me the wrong unit. I explained to them that I requested a unit for a washer/dryer hook up, because I’m paying 85$ a month to store my washer/dryer in storage. I asked for my deposit back before I signed anything. They stated they couldnt give me back my $950. I explained to them that I wanted a certain unit and the rental lady explained that she could put me on the list for that particular unit, but there was a 3month wait. I went ahead and took the unit, desperate to move. She didnt even offer to compensate me for the error on their part. Another RED FLAG | The first month went extremely well. I was starting to believe that things were not that bad living out there. How wrong was I. My new car was side swiped one Friday night. I found this out early Saturday morning. Filed a police report and asked the rental office if they could view the camera that are placed around the complex. I was informed that those cameras have never worked. There was a dead cat in the parking lot as well. Assuming that it was hit along with my car being hit. I called the rental office to come remove the deceased cat. No one came and a neighbor put the animal in the trash bin. | Two weeks later, my neighbor started having issues with her family. There was an arguement daily for two weeks and the police had to come daily. One Sunday I left in the morning to go to church and her brother was kicking her door in. Her door stayed open for three whole days after I called the rental office to say what I witneesed without giving my name. That same day there was a murder in the complex. Me and daughter were very scared to even leave and go outside. | Finally she was put out, but her door remained open. I closed it after calling again to report it being wide open. A week later the trash bins started piling up. The city didnt come and get the trash for three weeks. I assume the property management didnt pay the trash fee which is included in our rent. It smelled horrible, beyond horrible. When they did come, trash was left eberywhere and eventually flew away. | There is trash in the parking lot. Always. Its so bad, that I pay my daughter to pick up trash in our little area to keep it decent. The leaves are everywhere. I sweep them up once a week as well. I was told by the rental office that they are short maintenanced staff. I find this hard to believe when they have several rental properties through out Columbus. The spider webs in the bushes are beyond disguisting. I again tried calling the renatl office and of course the spider webs are still there. | The drug activity out there is unbelieveable. I have been asked on a few occassions if I smoke marijuana by random people living out there. I was told by one neighbor where the dealers live. They live in one area of the complex. Scary | The maintenace guys looks as if they got them off the streets. I wouldnt dare let them in my unit. The rental office wont even call to give you a 24hr notice when someone will be entering. They claim they cant do that. | Each time when I go to the rental office, there are numerous complaints about them not fixing anything. The unfixed issues drag on for months. I have a lot wrong with my unit, but I’m afaraid that whoever fixes the issue may cause more damage and I dont want them in my unit any longer than they have to be in there. Not including how many times I’ve heard tenants say in the rental office how they have had the City Code inspector come out to inspect, because of unhealthy issues going on in their units. | I was laid off a month ago and had to go to social services to assist with my October rent. I explained to the rental office what was going on and even showed them documentation of what was in process and of course eviction was filed. Social Services pledged the rent, but unforunately this didnt stop the process. the late fees and the court fees they want. Which I can understand. At court there were over 30 people that were there that have an apt through New Life Properties LLC. They too were facing eviction. I spoke with 4 and they happened to live in Cornerstone Crossings as well. They complained about their air condtioner being out for 8 mos. No working tub, toilet leaks, bugs, bed bugs and water leaks (a popular issue that everyone has out there). The list goes on and on. | It was unbelievable to hear some of their issues. Not only that, we found out that NEW LIFE PROPERTIES LLC are a church owned business. How can you be a church organization and have unhealthy environmental issues and not take care of it. I would have never thought a church owns the properties. NEVER | All they want is our money money money. The lawyer that represents them couldnt even reach them to see if they would accept our payment proposal at court. Still waiting for a response. The cases got continued till next week because he couldnt reach them. Not surprised because the rental office workers never know anything. Thay also never answer the phone. NEVER. | Please look into these isssues. Its fraud. They own rental properties and dont do anything to the upkeep. The buildings are falling apart seriously. Honestly the apt layot are very nice. Too bad the inside can’t look like the outside. | I have gotten a job and I’m determined to pay off the whole balance. It sucks that hard working people like myself are getting ripped off by this company. They want their money, but they dont want to do their part, | Please please look into this. I typed up a book because I am so frustrated of how I am being treated. Thanks.

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