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Corporation Giant, Inc.

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Published: 10 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Purchased an aged corporation from Beverly Hills Corporation based on the following advertisement: | ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTING COMPANY- 20 YR. OLD WYOMING SUPER CORPORATION Plus-CFO/CREDIT PARTNER | Need $500K+++ Fast? This is a RARE opportunity… | Advertisement: | This company is 20 YEARS OLD seasoned up to date and in good standing and is SIC coded: ENVIRONMENTAL& SOLAR ENERGY CONSULTING COMPANY.PLUS 750+ CFO/CREDIT PARTNER SERVICES INCLUDED. | D&B strong clear profile-Established federal tax ID number included. Plus 30-day 800 National wide live answered business telephone service included, 411 listed, Secretary of State updates paid (2 states paid over-the-counter filings) all corporate records, corporate resolutions authorizing incorporation, articles of incorporation, corporate minutes, corporate bylaws, stock certificates, corporate kit with seal, seasoned private registered domain name, 3 business registered email addresses, 5 page private hosted live supported website included, corporate business checking account, line of credit and gold MasterCard assistance for owner, certificate of good standing, business license plus 1 year registered agent fees and mail forwarding service included. Completely turn key fully compliant WYOMING SUPER CORPORATION expertly engineered to meet or exceed all new bank underwriting guidelines | The ENVIRONMENTAL INDUSTRY is HANDS DOWN THE EASIEST TO GET QUALIFIED FOR MAXIMUM FUNDING and this company can qualify for additional grant money funding + SBA loan funding, private industry source funding, great tax credits + our traditional conventional funding sources deliver you our highest Corporate Funding Rating- | ESTIMATED FIRST ROUND FUNDING $500,000.00-$535,000.00+ | Traditional lenders corporate loan qualified. | Additional advertisments also listed the fact that a CFO was already available and in place and that an established D&B profile had been built. I contact Beverly Hills Corporations about this company and executed an agreement to puchase on May 18, 2016. I then sent the initial deposit for the company to Beverly Hills Corporations on July 7, 2016. As I worked to liquify funds between May 18 and July 7, I was told by both John Garry and Bill James that the CFO for the company that I was purchaing was ready to move forward and simply waiting on my deposit to be confirmed before executing company paperwork. I was also told via email and phone calls that upon receipt of my deposit, funding would be secured within 2-3 weeks. | Once my deposit was received by Beverly Hills Corporation, I was asked by the company to secure a corporate mailing address and phone number in Wyoming. Unlike the ad mentioned, I was not provided 30 days of live ansered telephone services nor 1 year of registered agent fees and mail forwarding services. Upon securing the address and phone number, I sent this information and was sent a link to a website for the company, which featured the name of the company mispelled throughout and was 3-pages, not the 5 pages advertised above. | On July 19 I reached out to the company for an update on the CFO services and was told that the CFO was no longer available and had commited to another project because “he was tired of waiting” for my deposit to come in for the company. Note that this notification came from Beverly Hills Corporations AFTER my deposit had already been received, despite the fact that the CFO apparently commited to another project before my deposit was recieved. Beverly Hills Corporations then proceeded to let me know that they had several other CFOs lined up to support my project and that the contract could continue on. | Fast forward another four months, and Beverly Hills Corporations has yet to secure a CFO for my company. I have spoken to two potential CFO candidates and have been promised phone calls with several more, but nothing has materialized. Further, I discovered in early November that Beverly Hills Corporations had not even updated the corporation records with my information and both John and Bill were still listed as the officers for the company. In other words, I was paying for a business address and phone number (which was originally supposed to be covered free of charge) to no avail. To date, Beverly Hills Corporations has also not provided many of the other sevices listed in their ad, including the corporation business checking account, line of credit, gold Mastercard, business license, mail forwarding, 5 page website, and, most importantly, a 750+ credit partner that could secure the $500k in business funding mentioned in their ads. Upon further investigation, I also found that a D&B profile for the company that I purchased does not exist (despite the fact that Beverly Hills Corporations promised to deliver a company with a strong profile) and that the CFO search process that the company uses focuses on aligning the mission of the company with the background of the CFO, so it is extremely unlikely that Beverly Hills Corporation ever had a CFO lined up for me to use back in May 2016 before they knew what my business interests were even though they advertised to the contrary. | When I mentioned my concerns to Beverly Hills Corporation and asked for a refund, I was asked to be patient while they attempted to make good on the contract. After being patient for five months (as I continue to incur costs associated with the business mailing address, phone number, and deposit) and also lose revenue because Beverly Hills Corporations failed to secure a CFO for the company, my patience has come to an end. I am in the process of filing a suit against the business for breach of contract, fraud, and false advertisement, but felt obligated to share my story with other honest consumers so that you do not fall victim to this company’s claims. They have made absolutely no effort to rectify the impact that their dishonest advertising and company positioning have had on my personal finances or business objectives and have instead resorted to sending formulaic email responses and ignoring my phone calls. | Please do not make the same mistake that I did and trust your money to this company.

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