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Published: 25 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

She came to me to rent a home in 2008 with a very sob story and how she had bad credit but most of it was only medical, she told me she was the only one providing for her 3 children and mother. Later I found out she was getting child support from for one of her kid’s fathers. Than with more time, found out all her kids and mother was getting governmental assistance. Such as Food stamps, Medical, and money assistance. I felt compelled with her story, she then moves in everything was fine. For a couple of years as far as paying the rent on time, that is. The contract stipulated only her 3 children and mother, absolutely no pets. She broke every stipulation in the contract. The neighbors were complaining of her children, and people coming in and out of the house constantly during the day and late night. The neighbors called the police many times so that the peace could be implemented on them. Later, Corrina’s brother’s moves in and other family members without my consent. The brother destroyed the washer and dryer room, because apparently that was made his room. Few years later, she decided not to pay for rent any longer, she grew tire of her responsibility and wanted me to carry or care for people she signed up to have, I try to give her many opportunities to pay the rent but she refused to pay it. Meanwhile, her kids were comfortable all grown up with no rent responsibilities and wanted me, to let them, live at the expense, absolutely not! She gave me no alternative, but to EVICT HER INCLUDING, SON, DAUGHTERS, MOTHER AND OTHERS (had no clue who they were). This lady Corrina left the inside and outside of the home pretty much destroyed. The total expenses were up to 16k I used cheap material: carpets were damage with pet order, humans orders torn and stained, there were rats, cockroaches, flees, ticks, you name any living nasty creature was living there. The place was infesting it. There were grease and garbage everywhere, broken doors, fist marks and wholes on the walls closet, and so on. All the window screens were torn. This window screens were expensive. They have no regards for anyone else stuff whatsoever, but themselves. Not only that, the outside of the home looked like a pigs-tie. The grass was never cut, there was junk all over the outside, front and backyard. There were cockroaches walking all over the house, outside and in. The neighbors called the police on them constantly due to her adult kids. Corrina S Treloar didn’t follow the stipulation in the contract whatsoever. To sum it up 5 people were allowed, there were 9 people living in the house and many other coming in and out as they pleased. No pets where allowed and they had 4 pets. She was to maintain the outside and she didn’t worry about the neighborhood. She had every nasty living creature keeping them company, garbage everywhere. Very insanitary way to live and very disrespectful to other. This people pretty much destroyed the home and my trust .

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