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A Tacky Scam by Costa Rica Vacation One – Beware Of Their Shitty Villas

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Published: 28 July 2017

Posted by: Mildred K. Williams

I am 38-year old with a family and after a long time, I planned a vacation with them to spend some quality time a month back. I landed up booking a vacation stay with these frauds “Costa Rica Vacation One.” I booked a villa with them and got the most pathetic service EVER. I can’t begin to describe what a big scam this is. I am so pissed at these guys. Their website describes their services as this – Villas & Condominium is in gated community with security guard, swimming pool, BBQ, laundry facility and parking lot, supermarkets and restaurants are in convenient walking distance.
None of this is true. It is all crap. All of their villas mention it is for 6 people but when we got there, the guy at the reception Emanuelle started arguing with me for 4 people stay. Somehow I managed to fix that problem with paying extra $300 per night. This is ridiculous. I already paid $500 per night and now the total becomes $800. First of all, this place is tooooo out the way so thank God, we took our car. We would have been stuck for travelling. The villa was so dirty. The food that was served to us was pathetic. We had to go out and eat again.
The pictures we saw on the website were not the exact place. They were so different. The so-called staff was rude even to my kids. The water seemed dirty. We didn’t even want to take a bath. I called the number on the website and wrote on their email ID too [email protected] them to either change the place or give me my money back but they didn’t reply. We thought we might as well try to spend couple of days there since we spent that money.
There was nothing to do around there and the beach was an hour far. There were not many places to eat too. We had to drive a long way and ask people around for a decent place to eat. The entire area seemed like a ghetto. I was scared to even move around in the night. I constantly kept calling these assholes to shift me to another villa but no use. The place kept running out of water too. It was really disgusting. We finally decided to leave in a day’s time and asked for our money back at the reception.
They were not ready to give us our own money back when we didn’t even stay there. This really pissed me off and I left at that time. I was so disappointed since I paid the money upfront. After that, there has been no communication with these assholes. The kind of pathetic service and stay they provide is not even funny. They are so cheap and disgusting. I am sure the pics on the site are nowhere close to the stay they provide. The neighbourhood was so dirty my kids almost fell sick.
I am a busy man and the little time I get I want to spend with my kids and this trip was such a disappointment. Not only did I lose my money but important time too. The guys at the reception were so rude and their tone didn’t have one bit of apology. They were just defending their shit hole of a place. When I told them about the pics on the website, they got offended as if that place was really worth even a penny.
We were in such a bad mood when we got back that we didn’t even feel like going anywhere else. Now I will have to again take leave and plan another vacation with my family. It is such a mind fuck. I am sure there are others who have fallen for this scam. Costa Rica Vacation One is a big fraud scam that has eaten up a lot of people’s money. I don’t know how do they work like this? There is something called customer service and satisfaction that these pricks have clearly not head of.
They are least bothered with that, else they wouldn’t put fake pics of their properties online. I have read so many reviews now which I should’ve checked before leaving. Who would have thought that there can be a scam of this level! They thought people wouldn’t find out. We all should make sure that the entire world knows about this big scam in making by Costa Rica Vacation One.

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