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Published: 15 October 2018

Posted by: steve

I really want to report against a shitty company called costar group that boasts of having offices all throughout the United States. They make tall claims of being the largest commercial real estate listing company here but they’re actually a group of lousy people who are not willing to work and carry operations in the most unprofessional and lousy way possible!!

This is Steve. I had applied for sales position in this company back in January sometime. They called me up to fix a telephonic interview on 10th January. I went through the interview very well. They promised to give a response in the coming 2 weeks but this lazy group of people didn’t have the courtesy to call me back. So I called them on my own. They failed to recognize me or remember any interview that happened with me. I told them that I was interviewed by Drake. They were like- oh Drake had left the company six days ago!!

I thought it was my bad luck and I went to apply for the second telephonic interview which was to take place on 25th January. Ross was the person who was conducting the interview. He seemed to give a positive response on the interview and said that I’m almost through but he would give me an official confirmation call within 10 days.

I waited for the phone call and again the same thing happened. They didn’t give any response. These assholes didn’t have value for anyone’s time. I called them up and asked for the status. They said that Ross had also left the company. Huhh??? How is that even possible? 2 people leaving the company in the span of 20 days and both of those people happened to be conducting my interview? And the surprising part is that the rest of the company knows nothing about what they were doing with me.

I was not ready to buy that shit!! I could smell something fishy already.

To make up for it they asked me to appear for a face-to-face interview. I went on to appear on 12th February. My interview was conducted in a short span of 8 minutes during which they asked me some very basic questions as if the interview was just a formality and nothing serious.

I asked if I would be getting a sales job but they told me that they’d be hiring me for updating their real estate listings. When I had applied for a sales position why were they pushing me on other listings position? I was pissed with their lazy.. incompetent behavior. The package offered was very low as per my expectations and they said they’ll ‘consider’ me for a bonus if I’ll make more phone calls.

They weren’t even ready to give me any training. They said training new people costs the company way too much and that they’re not sure of the people staying for a longer run also. Why would someone not stay for longer run at a company he gets trained in and gets a good package in? There was obviously something wrong there.

I asked her the reason for people quitting the job, she got nervous and mumbled vague things. She couldn’t give any proper answer to my question. These things didn’t make sense and I didn’t want to waste time in a company that was incompetent and had some fishy things going around..

Just don’t waste your time appearing for any interview for this company full of assholes. They’re just a waste of time!

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