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Published: 16 November 2019

Posted by: CXperience

“CHURN…” That will be the outcome of this horrendous experience. Google “Customer Churn” or go to link at end if one isn”t aware of this term given there are soooo… many terms in the world… note: there have been other negative experiences. 1 star is generous. I was mocked by the GM. Other employees rolled eyes, smirked, and one even did the circle around the temple indicating “crazy “. This was a degrading, belittling, and disgusting experience. Yes, I have the names. A few . Dang, Ashley, Renee. I have been a STRONG advocate for Costco. However, in the last year to year and a half the products, service have sunk so much at the Maplewood, MN location. The new GM was to be the great hope! Yet he was the one mocking me. No wonder the members of the staff behaved this way given the role model. The interesting point is how I have sent several comment cards to HQ regarding improvements. Even included feedback on some of the quality employees that I have interfaced with over the last 3 years since becoming a member. AND even though o have 3 sisters who are members, some for quite a time, I still elected to purchase a membership vs. Shopping with them, or having them order items for me (of course with prompt reimbursememt). The irony is Woodbury Coscto just opened a couple of days ago. In fact, I drove by to see the new site the day before. The gas station was open earlier, 1 hour before I drove in. The say before grand opening. It was great I was able to fill up and I was thrilled to have a new location. My comments to many people have been, well, I bet Sam”s Club is nervous given Costco is now in their town. I met Art the new GM while at the MN State Fair at the promo booth for WOODBURY new location. He had been transferred to the new store from Burnsville. John (he had become more snippy over time) the GM at Maplewood was transferred back to Burnsville as GM to replace Art. HENCE, the new GM Mike at Maplewood. I heard great things about him from one of their long-term employees. This employee Jim?, gas station mgr and very good at job from tactical to strategic and customer service, was very complimentary of Mike and Mike”s working up the ladder from front line to now GM. Anyway, is this type of customer experience (CX) being trickled down from upper management, including Seattle HQ? I found this is open the issue due to a disconnect between frontline “reality” and those is the glass offices. I had hoped this would not be the case with Costco. So, my suggestion: Moreover, I have been a STRONG supporter of brick and mortar stores. Especially, those companies that also have a dot com arm. Hum.. and to think I had considered working at Costco. Thank heaven I didn”t do that because I am obviously crazy! AND I guess if a customer wants to have at least a good if not great CX, then YES, call me crazy for wanting to have above average quality, great customer service, normally a great return policy… so if I am crazy for wanting that, that”s fine. I am sure there are other companies out there. NOTE by 2020 CX will be the determining factor for customer retention, brand, goodwill, BUT it was predicted that 2017 would be the start-up/ramp-up of the companies that really want to be the best rated. Maybe the writing is on the wall. NOTE. I also like Costco because of their dedication to employees, holidays, BUT it seems as though some of the employees think THEY are making a great salary/hourly because they are superb. Confused, they make a great rate because they are supposed to be providing superb CS. Cart before the horse. Guess I will start packing up items purchased there (Guess refund on 4 tires not doable ) because one of the reasons to buy from COSTCO is the return policy. BUT this return policy is ONLY applicable if one is still a member. CHURN..well guess that loyalty plan I had in mind is futile now. Better return.. Thanks!

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