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Published: 03 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I recently got my bill from my power company called Cotton Electric out of Walters Oklahoma. I noticed it was one hundred and forty- five dollars higher than last months bill. I called to complain that maybe the meter was wrong. I was told that the meter was fine that they do a diagnostic on it once a month. I explained to them that I have a 14×56 mobile home on the property which only has a refrigerator, a heater and washer and dryer. When I leave the property the breaker to the furnace and washer and dryer are turned off. My bill just for that mobile home was $285.00 last month..Normally It’s about $140.00.The representative suggested that I turn down the furnace when I’m away from home. I told her that I turn down the temperature to the furnace to 70 degrees when I leave and turn it up to 75 when I’m there.. I turn off the switch on the breaker box to the washer and dryer and the cook stove when I leave the property. There’s no way that I could be using that much electricity if those appliances and the lights are turned off when I leave the property. She then told me to go to Feed the Pig on the internet to learn how can save more noney. I asked her about the new Digital Meters and how they work. She had me talk to some tech guy who assured me that the Digital Meters are accurate. I asked him if they could come out and check the meter. He said he didn’t think there was a need to check it when they can check it from his office. I insisted that something was not right about the bill and that it keeps being raised every month. I explained that I can’t afford these price increases every month. He then said okay if you’re having trouble with billing I can send you back to billing and you can set up payment arrangements with them. I told him no I want my bill lowered because the meter is incorrect! He said sir I’m sorry but unless there is something obstructing the meter’s view or if the meter is causing a physical ailment we can’t come out just to check the meter when we can do it from the office. I hung up realising that the power company no longer cares about it’s customers or whether or not they can afford their payments every month. This is price gouging and they seem to be taking advantage of customers due to the new Digital Meters! .

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