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They are literally fooling everyone!

They don’t have good quality equipment and they certainly don’t care about their customers’ convenience. My experience with these people was disappointing and frustrating. In fact, I would never contact these people for my lab tests. And I advise you to stay away from these people too.

I had sent them a few samples for a drug test last year. It was the second time I was using their service. When I had availed their service before, I hadn’t encountered any difficulty. Anyway, when I contacted them the second time and sent them the test sample, things took a turn for the worse. They had promised me that they’ll deliver the results within 2 weeks but I didn’t hear anything from them.

When I contacted them about the test results they told me they are still working on it and they will need another week because of increased work pressure. I didn’t mind at that time too. That’s because Country Wide Testing markets itself as an innovating company. Take a look at their website and you’ll easily fall prey to their pathetic false advertising.

Well, when I contacted them a week later, I was furious. I called them up and told them that I need the samples ASAP. The representative at the other end started acting all indifferent as I had never sent a sample before. I told her to get me one of her superiors. She hesitated at first but then let me talk to a superior who told me that one of their machines had broken down due to which it was taking them this much time.

He told me that I would receive the results within 5-6 days. The thing is if their machine had broken down before, why didn’t they bother telling me about it? After a complete month, they thought it was appropriate to tell me they have a broke machine and they can’t perform the tests. I told him that I don’t need the results anymore and I asked for a refund. He told me they can’t issue a refund now because they have already started the test.

So I waited for a week for the results to arrive. The results seemed pretty weird. So I sent another sample for a double-check to a different lab. I got the results from that lab quickly. To my surprise, the results of both of the tests were different. I contacted these guys again regarding this issue. They told me that the second lab I had contacted must have a broke machine because they have done an accurate test.

Now I’m stuck with two opposite reports of the same sample. All I can gather from this is Country Wide Testing is an irresponsible, unprofessional and useless organization. I doubt their results too and I’m certain they are a lie. They don’t issue any refunds and you might have to wait for months to receive your reports. It would be better for you if you maintained a distance from this company.

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