Courtney Wyatt

Courtney Wyatt is a cheap, nasty woman who transferred an STD

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Published: 01 August 2017

Posted by: Jennifer N. Martinez

This nasty little bitch has no character at all. She’s out to score a lot of men and targeted my fiance as well. She not only fucked my fiancé but then slept with 2 of his friends too. All of this happened within a span of 3 weeks. She knew our story, that he was engaged and also that he has a kid. She was herself committed to a man. It is still unknown if her man found out about her ways or not.
She gave me a heart pain by getting involved my guy and then the worst part was that I came to know about all this as she transferred an STD to my man.
She goes around fucking multiple men in the town. She has put advertisements on Craigslist where she lists that she would suck people’s dicks with no strings attached. I have no clue whether this cheap woman charges for all this or not. If you find your man talking or exchanging texts with this woman, chances are that he or you might have an STD already.
I read her messages on the man’s phone telling him how much she liked licking his ass and about liking period blood. She does all sorts of nasty stuff. She should be the last person to spend time with, for any man!

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