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Published: 22 February 2020

Posted by: Kenny DaSheng

26/6/19 Wednesday 8.45pm – 10pm. 8.45pm: My wife and I were there looking around for a fridge and washer. Were being attended by salesman (big guy with a belly wearing specs, eyes small, with a abacus gold ring on his left finger). Was introduced on few fridges, brief explanation on each fridge, everything was going good, till we actually wanna settle for that Mitsubishi fridge. He shared that there”s a discount if we purchase this single item. We shared our interest that we are going to get a washer as well, then he says that if we buy 2 items, he can give $200 discount for 2 items total bill. His attitude started to change when we mentioned just this 1 question, ” Anymore further discount?.” My wife asked humbly. He replied, ” $200 not enough ah!”. This statement is a very offended statement . I must mentioned here, his tone, his body language and this statement is very sarcastic. My wife was the 1 interacting with the salesman, I”m the 1 who is observing throughout. Needless say, my wife just turn and walk away. Everything was going smoothly for the whole 10-15mins till this salesman behave in this way. My wife ask for another salesman Alvin Ting (whom was introduced by the other salesman Li Ping) after she received a sms from Li Ping (as she”s on off day). Alvin was a nice salesman when we met him (at least for 1st impression). The same thing, my wife do all the talking and I”m the 1 observing. She asked on the different Fridge brands for comparison. As for Alvin, he make a clear stand that he won”t be down selling other brands as he”s from LG. And yes we agreed with him, as my wife and I are working in sales field as well, so we clearly aware that how the trade goes. As we were going to 1 of the LG fridge, Alvin explaining the benefits of this fridge, my wife prompted a few questions on whether that X brand fridge comes with this benefits as compared with his LG fridge. Things started to turn out bad. Alvin, maybe he”s getting agitated being prompted for so many questions, he straight shoot us off, “Since that X brand is so good, no point to further explain to u my LG Fridge. U just go and buy that X brand, no need to see around.” From here, Alvin body language is already giving him away, turn around looking frustrated and wanna chase us away. This time round my wife didn”t turn away, trying to reason with Alvin that we as consumer asking more questions is common, hoping that the salesman can answered and get us the best deal. Of cos Alvin got his reasons not closing our sales. Maybe he thinks that too many questions asked which he can”t handle. Well I don”t know what”s on his mind at that moment. End of the day, we requested to see for their manager. Peter met us and apologised to us. Claiming he will investigate but didn”t say will get back to us, so we assume internal investigation will be done to these 2 arrogant salesman. Frankly speaking, my wife and i are not nasty customers, we do not deserved this type of treatment. As a consumers, we know less on products, salesman definitely have a stronger product knowledge. As a consumers again, getting the best deal of cos will also sweeten the whole transaction. As a salesman, getting many questions prompt daily is common. Sincere negotiations always happens in closing a deal. Of cos, rejection on the deal in a nice way makes everything looks better. Be humble, no matter how powerful your are. All drill down to ones attitude. Lastly, I will be expecting a explanation email from Courts Singapore. Thank You.

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