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It was a big mistake to go there

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Published: 02 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Since I had a big meeting coming up, I decided to be ready for it. I finished all of my work-related stuff. The only thing that was left was to get physically ready. I ironed all the clothes and packed my bag. The upcoming meeting was probably the most important of all meetings and therefore I made sure not to mess up in any way. All of the executives of the company were supposed to be there and I had to deliver a speech. Before a few days of the meetings, I decided to get a facial as I wanted to look fresh for the meeting. So I searched online for a reputed spa and found out about Couture Salon & Spa. I scheduled an online appointment for a ‘Calming and Soothing Facial’. The cost of the facial was quite high but since I did not have enough time to compare the rates, I simply scheduled the appointment online at the spa’s official website.
I reached the place and asked the receptionist about the appointment and she told me to wait as the therapist had not arrived. There was a lot of chitter-chatter inside. The staff members were roaming around and gossiping about customers. Not even a glass of water was offered to me. I had to go outside and purchase a bottle of water. When I came back inside, I saw that another customer had gone in and instead of calling me, the receptionist herself told her to go in. I had to wait for another 45 minutes. At last, I was called in. I went and sat down on the squeaky chair. My face was washed first which I must say was painful. My face was aggressively rubbed by a towel which made it even worse. Then came the exfoliating cream. As soon as the cream was applied, the therapist accidentally touched my face with her other hand. I had no option but to sit there blankly and wait for it for the session to end. The cream was applied and then came the chemical peel. I had to wait with the peel on my face. The therapist after telling me to wait went away and came back after forty-five minutes. When the came back, she immediately scammed the peel without any prior warning. It hurt like hell and I had no other option other than screaming. Because of this, I was told to ‘behave myself’. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I was horrified. My face had turned all red because of the peel and the cream applied. Instead of looking fresh, I looked horrendous,
I had no option but to go to my meeting looking like that. It was probably my biggest mistake of choosing Couture Salon & Spa. I could have gone to any other place but at the time, the place seemed perfect. I would not recommend anyone to go to the place for even such a procedure as simple as a facial.

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