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Published: 11 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My boyfriend accidentally bumped his car into mine after a party night, I was scared to look, but it actually wasn’t so bad. That being said, I didn’t want to let that dent sit in my car for longer than necessary, so I took it to the nearest place I found, there were so many people going there that I thought it had to be great. While I waited my turn, I checked some reviews online; they were all great, so I was already expecting to have a pleasant experience. After this brief introduction, I would like to say that this experience was completely disappointing, a waste of time, money, and total humiliation. After 2 hours, someone finally came to greet me, he introduced himself as Dale. I followed him as he explained the details about the repairs and the cost. Now, the dent wasn’t bad at all, practically just a scratch, so I knew it couldn’t be too expensive, therefore I didn’t ask him for the estimated before they took it in. But I should’ve because now they must be laughing at me for how stupid I was, I let them steal my money. They took it in and said the car would be done in 3 to 6 days, I asked why it’d take so long, he said they were a little full those days. So, I left and waited 6 days, there were no calls or updates on my car’s status, so I decided to call them. I couldn’t reach anybody, and Dale’s number was always disconnected. After 2 more days and several calls, someone finally answered, they said my car had been ready for 4 days, they just never bothered with telling me this. I went there to find that my car looked like a mess, ten times worse than how it was before. The dent was gone, but there were other 5 new details all over the car. Dale said they were little side damage while repairing the pilot seat door, but if I wanted to have them fixed, I would have to pay more. If this whole situation isn’t much for you, here are some facts about the state of my car after these people put their dirty hands on it. Aside from the 3 dents on the left back door, there was a scratch in the glass for the pilot seat door, the windshield was damaged as well, and these are only the small details. They had left my car out in the rain, and now it was filthy, the interior smelled like cigarettes, and the back seats were full of garbage as if every employee had had their lunches on my back seats for the past week. I decided not to repair the new damages with them, and instead, take it somewhere else, so I just paid for the littlest bend the same price an honest seller would charge for a whole new door. Please don’t follow internet reviews, some people are in the business just for the money.

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