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Published: 25 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

CPC Strategy (cpcstrategy.com marketing company) made many promisies about how they could improve my google shopping campaign’s effectiveness and conversion rates. They pushed me to join with all the information they through at me about how they helped other companies and were so successul. However, it did not go as they said it would after I signed up. First the account manager knew very little about the subject. He kept having to get me on calls with his boss since he was unable to explain anything. His boss spewed a ton of lies and excuses and essentially kept saying it will get better. I was losing hundreds of dollars a day to their failed strategy which they kept saying was going to turn a corner. Soon later, my feed was flagged and then suspended from google. Yep, the marketing agency got the feed suspended. Not me, actually I had it running fine for 12 months straight. It turned out after just a few weeks and thousands of dollars down the drain, they finally quit on my account. Their incompetence left me with a multi-thousand loss and they provided no compensation. While they were supposed to run my account for 3 months, they just decided they couldn’t do it and explained to me that it was somehow my fault they needed to break the contract. Anyway, the point is DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this company. They have ill-experienced account managers and pushy sales that make promises they can’t ever fulfill. They will lose you a lot of money and just quit on your account and breach their own contract when you tell them enough is enough. They charge you $1000+ a month for the crapiest service and they don’t even install their own tracking codes into your site. This company is bad and so are their account managers. Go try one of the other many other feed managers. This company is bad news. Stay away from them. .

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