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Published: 25 June 2018

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CPS Trading AG (Switzerland) sent me a letter letting me know I had been hired as a US purchasing agent. They included several very real looking documents, including digital photos of their trade documents. I was put on a two week trial period and asked to charge purchases (in brick and mortar stores) to my personal credit card. I was told a company CC would be issued in my name after the trial period. The paperwork and the letters look very convincing… I was to be paid $3000.00 a month+ commissions I was given a bank account routing number and checking account number with which to pay off the charges to my card. After making my first purchase (and before shipping) I did an extended search on line, and found the exact letters and documents that had been used in 2010 (with a different name) to scam several people into using their own credid cards in the same manner, within three days of the purchase, it looks like the CC has been paid. Once the products are shipped overseas, the payment is found not to be valid. People are losing thousands of dollars in this scam. I can provide scans of the documents to anyone who wants to see them. Don’t be fooled by authentic looking hiring documents. .

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