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Published: 03 December 2018

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OK, lets be honest here. I’ve been reading a lot of really bad things about this company (C.R. England), and some of the things I’ve been reading cannot possibly be true. While they do use questionable recruiting techniques, it is the recruiters JOB to get you to go to their school. If you do not have enough common sense to understand that if a company trains you then you have to work for them for a specified amount of time to repay them for training you… or pay them the amount specified in your contract, then truck driving is not for you. It is true that recruiters lie… it’s their JOB. just like the military. (veteran speaking). All companies have good and bad. My experience with C.R. England hasn’t been all roses, but I knew what I was getting into. I chose them because I live close to their training facility in Richmond, Indiana. C.R. England is the largest refrigerated company in the industry. With that being said, they are also the lowest paying and try to force you into either leasing a truck, teaming, or being a trainer… or a combination. that is the ONLY way to make a decent paycheck with this company. If you prefere to be a solo driver like myself, then they do have several dedicated routes to choose from. I personally am on one that pays 40 cpm, but it has low miles which affords me more home time (although a smaller paycheck) As far as the bad experiences that I’ve been reading about, if you are an A-HOLE to someone, then they willl most llikely return the favor, after all, your DM/Dispatcher is human also. If you are OTR with this company, there is little to no communication between your regular DM and after hours or weekends, so the night and or weekend crew will sometimes pull your loads from you and put you on a different load even if your current load is supposed to get you home or to another facility. Combine the lack of communication with low pay and you can have one heck of a headache, but if you are civil and let them know what is going on without loosing your temper, you can usually work things out. Their lease program IS a ripoff, so don’t even go there and as far as getting paid BEFORE you get on a truck… it’s not going to happen at very many reputable companies. Werner is the only one I think… and they have some bad press also. Long story short, do your research BEFORE you decide on a company to start with and keep in mind that for the first year, you are NOT going to be paid as much as an owner/operator with 20 years experience. In this business, Experience and a good DAC report with a good driving record are your tickets period If you play your cards right, C.R. England isn’t all that bad of a place to start, but as far as a full career with them, look elsewhere first. DON’T BREAK YOUR CONTRACT NO MATTER WHAT COMPANY YOU TRAIN WITH. That can and will be held against you because you are liable unless you pay the bill… just like student loans. Use common sense if you have any at all.

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