Craftsman's Weave Printing

Craftsman's Weave Printing

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Published: 06 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The owner has a DTG (Digital to Garment) printer that he does not know how to operate properly. He is inexperienced in dealing with digital files, and that, in turn leads to problems with color-matching, proportional printing to the art, and fuzzy details. | He is disorganized and does not have adequate resources to stock blank product on which to print. He does not follow up on his logistics, so if there’s a delay from his supplier, he’s not even aware, nor does he follow up. His problem becomes your problem. | Worse, he’s willing to give a sample, and then deliver something completely different. Different brand of shirt, different fabric mixes, and even different color variations. If you complain or protest, he “fires” you in a tantrum, and then won’t refund your deposit. He’s king of his little business, and you better not upset him! | I would say that there is no good reason to put yourself through this experience, even potentially. | Of the product he made for us, about 60% had issues, and he would not take any back or issue a refund after 2 weeks. He promised being able to produce “on-demand”, but the reality was waiting 4 weeks for him to get his machine running, and then excuses for another 10 days as he stumbled over the basics. | When we have followed up on the refund on our deposit, he ignored us. Till we brought up the possibility of negative feedback – and he threatened to retaliate. Just bad business practices all around.

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