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Published: 11 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

these people have ruined my life and have been extraordinarily rude when i call and ask about trades. the perosn that i spoke to ONCE when i called over 40 times to speak to him was who i assume is the owner craig scott. he was condescending in nature and pretended that i was too stupid to follow my own trades. besides the fact that it took him 20 minutes to make one point, he made me regret i ever called because he also told me the phone callw as being recorded and that he’d use it against me. my broker hasn’t been there in months and doesnt answr hsi cell phone when i call him. i have tried everything. I have also reached out to other victims of this evil place and they todl me that the brokers dont even get paid. the owners that go by brent and craig dont even pay their brokers to screw us. no commission nothing..(i dont know why this broker decided to trust in this client but i digress) so its claer that they are the ones laughing all the way to the bank while EVERYONE around them suffers. I did more research and see that most of the brokers that were there over the past 3 years are now gone. they also ruin the licenses of the brokers that leave as u can find on FINRA AND SEC websites after they leave. its truly disgusting and i wish i could go backj tot eh day i received a phone call regarding investments from these ppl and thrown my phone out of the window. it wouldnt leave me scambling for money to help my sick child in the hospital now. my lawyer tells me i would have to pay more than i would receive back when all is said and done but i will not stop until i get what i deserve .and i am WARNING EVERYONRE!! please save urself the grief and miserry and do NOT do business with these ppl. ur money will be flushed down the toilet. they promise there clients and employees the moon and stars and justice shoudl be served to the 2 a******* they stop getting away with screwing everyone aroudn them.

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