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Published: 24 June 2018

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In the good old days, Craigslist was a site deficated to the fair and safe interest of its users. But now most cloud gateways are run by small staffed teams who make a fortune while sites themselves suffer and are often too cheap to hire enough people to enforce fair play usage. CL was a better site a dozen years ago before the old Yahoo Message Board was censored and gutted to make room for official PC political corporate spin. As I’m sure I’m not alone, reporting CL now seems to be the right thing to do since the site seemingly does little or nothing to combat consistent and ongoing abuse by scam art con men poseurs who populate postings. The most glairing instance of its lax, aloof policy is the anonymous code reply system which conveys a false sense of security and turns out to be a cyberspace cloaking communications device that basically allows cheaters or grifters to pitch you their rip off scemes in relative anonymity. Then there is the preponderance of gig intern ads whose promises are non existent as a lure to sucker in free services. All too often, you see the same bogus ads over and over again and yet no one is ever banned. Even in the personals section, real people are few and far in between and the listings are filled with either adult cam girl bots or links to pickup sites. There is a saving grace in the sales section, which is more often than not an online bargain bin for savvy consumers who can make sure they are getting thier money’s worth through easy surf info research. But many other sections, both employer oriented and social hookups, need to be policed and patrolled by the site to show that it that cares about the public who use it. This is not much to ask since in the Internet Age of 24/7 interaction, content providing Joes and Janes make the cloud masters the E Gods that they are. One hopes Craigslist steps up its game to keep a rogue Internet honest. It’s not the place it once was before the dot com bust.

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