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Published: 29 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was looking for jobs on craigslist. And I found an add about maintenance hotel so I send my resume to them on Saturday 11/15/14 they reach back to me Monday 11/17/14. From a regular cell number 1347-912-4837 not the usual 212 used in ny ny. She told me if I was interested in the position. To go the next day Tuesday 11/18/14 to bring ss/proff of adress and 125$ for a license needed for the job. 80 broad st ny ny 10004 5th floor ms Diaz (interview). So I go to my interview and I’m waiting on the 5th floor and after 25 mins finally someone comes and tells me come with me so we go up to the 6th floor. So I’m walking in and I find it funny there’s no computers no phones. Just lots of desks and chairs. But I wasn’t really thing too much about it because I really need a job. So he tells me everything was good he did background check and everything. Then he ask for the 125$ for the class. Which I have to take for 2days 5hours each. Then he tells me I have to pay an additional 175$ for reference just in case I don’t like the job or they don’t like how I work. But he could really give me a solid explanation.but right before I that when I gave him the 125$ that he when to get me a receipt I was looking around and I see that everyone that works there is calling from there cell phones and it really didn’t look like a professional environment. So then the guy came back and told me about the 175$ And I told him I’ll try and get them by thrusday. He said ok that to come to the class witch is right there at 5pm-10pm I said ok and I felt. But once I got home I felt like something is not right so I started doing research on them and found nothing good. I saw that in that same address 6th floor people got scam before. So I need help or some one to talk to. I’m going tomorrow early and try to get back my money.

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