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Creative Minds Inc. I believe is a check fraud scam.

I am almost 100% sure that the email I got from Creative Minds Inc. is actually an elaborate fraud. I only have a couple of doubts because they knew some personal info about me, like where my checking account was (which bank) and that I was unemployed at the moment. Here is the important part of the letter:
We found you through our database and we would like to offer you an internship in our company. If you finish the internship program successfully, there will be a permanent position with our company.
During the internship, you would be making $500 per cycle, and there are 2 cycles on any given month. Your earnings will be paid upon the completion of the internship. The training program lasts 30 days…
Sounds good, right? And I actually read it a couple of times and it simply looked legit. They also knew what kind of a job was I working a couple of months ago, which bank am I with and other details that led me to believe that this offer is actually legit. I’ll skip all the terms and conditions and the requirements after that and get to the main part:
Your assignment would be to provide a feedback for our partner companies and elaborate what kind of service you received. We are partnered with several major franchises and you get to choose which one will be your focus.
First of all, that makes almost no sense, I think. Now here is the list of companies they were supposedly partnered with and I had to choose from:
1. Western Union
2. MoneyGram
3. PayPal
4. Skrill
5. Payoneer
This is the strangest part of the story ‘cos these are all rival companies. Don’t you find that odd? Rival companies partnered with the same company that gives them feedback? It goes on to explain the assignment:
You will receive a check in the mail and once you deposit it to your account, you will be required to use one of these companies and create a detailed report of your experience.
What that basically said is that I would get a check in the mail, from who knows who. I deposit that check in my bank and then use one of these services to send them their money back. There might be a legit way to do this and I still leave the room that this might be a way to really get feedback, but looks awful like either check fraud or money laundering if not both.
I don’t know. I would like it to be a legit offer cause that sounds like an easy way to make money, but at the same time, I don’t believe that these guys are actually offering this for real. I am pretty sure PayPal is just an online service. How would you give feedback about an automated online service?
All the fibers in my body were telling me this is a fraud. But on the other hand, how did they know my info? Who told them that I am unemployed and how did they find out which bank I am in?
They knew a couple of other information about me that was correct and I thought maybe there is a chance that the offer might be genuine. I mean I hear people getting great jobs all the time doing some bullshit work and getting paid well! I wouldn’t wanna have regrets years later if I turn this down.
Has anyone had dealings with this company before? Is there actually a job like this one and how does it work? And if I decide to try this, am I doing something illegal? If my bank account is empty, there is no way that I can get ripped off right? What are the possible consequences if it actually turns out to be a fraud? Could I go to Jail?
Please, if anyone has any other information I can use to decide, I would really appreciate your help. I really think there is a good chance this is a fraud, but a part of me hopes that this is a real thing. This company if they are scammers, they are the most vicious bunch of people I ever heard of. If they are trying to scam me while I am desperately looking for a job…that is really low. SO PLEASE share any info you have on Creative Minds Inc. and their business.

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