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Published: 17 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased a car in February 2013. I was told by the dealer (car approval corp) that it was a special financing. The first year of payment $400 and the second year would go down to $300 when the car was refinanced. They assured me that this will happen beacuse they did this all the time and the bank (credit acceptance corp) knew this is how they work. When February 2014 came, i satrted contacting the dealer and going to the dealership. I must have called them like 1000 times and they are always saying they are busy with other customers and cannot help me. Finally, i get a hold of them, I told them that I wanted the payoff amount so i can just pay it in full and get this over with. They gave me a payoff amount of $1,700 (dealership). I also got a payoff amount from the bank ($8,000)!! beacuse i was trying to refinance my car loan through a different bank (which they approved but this is not the real amount I owed). I have the dealer a check of $1700, after weeks of waiting and calling , last wek the dealer told me the refinance was not approved(they only showed me the computer screen saying i was not approved, they never gave me any paperwork from the bank saying this. Now is April 2014 and I’m still paying the same amount of $400. The dealership has put zero effort in trying to help me. I don’t know how I am supposedly not approved to refinance when I am paying the full amount that is due according to the dealer. How is this possible? I have 709 credit and can get a $10,000 loan right now if i wanted to, so im not sure what is going in on. Both of this companies are a total nighmare, bad customer service. Unwillingness to help solve the issue. i am so frustrated, i am going to end up paying way more than the price that was given to me at the purchase time. Anybody with the same situation? Please help! Thank you! .

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