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Published: 09 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously is yet one more variation of the so-called free service “charities” whose only concern is to help the downtrodden masses with their copycat generic financial advice and inaccurate monitoring consortium charade. Their real purpose, of course, is to prey upon the vulnerable by providing personal statistical data and other sensitive information to third-party predators and the like. Thus, FREE is really not FREE when: 1.) disgruntled or dissatisfied members cannot cancel memberships online immediately; 2.) there is absolutely no accountability for computation mistakes and inaccuracies, let alone a direct phone contact published number to speak with a company representative about discrepancies or errors; 3.) they provide no guarantees in writing via contract that your private information will not be shared with others; 4.) they are not recognized by the government as being legitimate; 5.)there is only a four-hour window each week day to make email contact concerning issues or matters of importance that may or may not be addressed by an individual whose credentials cannot be verified; 6.) they provide contact telephone numbers to “partners” but not themselves; and 7.) they avoid or evade accountability, liability and responsibility by hiding behind the misnomer “FREE.” Consumer beware: not all credit monitoring services are equal and can, potentially, cause great damage to your personal credit history if you’re not careful to shop around with businesses that DO OFFER ACCOUNTIBILITY and a 24/7 real phone contact service. Unfortunately, you really do “get what you pay for” these days, and when all is said and done, it is much safer to deal with the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian & Transunion) directly for a fee, than to expose yourself needlessly to unanswerable or unethical credit monitoring vultures who leave you either high and dry or stranded. And if you are going to pay for a service, simply go directly to the source; stay away from shifty flamboyant middlemen entirely. .

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