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Published: 18 March 2019

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“PLEASE” EVERYONE READ & SHARE THIS… There has been a Lawsuit filed *** AND LET EVERYBODY KNOW WHAT Kind of DEALERSHIP “CREDIT CONNECTIONS AUTO SALES ” IS IN YORK AND CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA ! ! !*** I’m just hoping that everybody repost this and even goes to their own fb site and Credit Connections fb page and other social Media sites and shares their Anger over this “EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT FROM THE AREA” let company’s and people know how you feel about the mistreatment of our service members and veterans, so that everybody knows not to buy from them and how they treat our military veterans serving this country! ! ! . ☆☆☆THEY CONED AND STOLE THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FROM A 27 YEAR DEDICATED VETERAN AND RESPECTED OFFICER OF OUR UNITED STATES MILITARY☆☆☆ . They knew that the military person was traveling across the country and promised them a warranty with the vehicle and then they took the money for the vehicle “and” the warranty and never turned the warranty paperwork in and when the vehicle broke down there was no warranty with it then refused to give the money back for the vehicle because it was paid for cash. They did it because they knew that the military person was unable to be here in Pennsylvania to defend themselves. . They now have the military persons vehicle because the salesman told them to bring it back and they refused to give the person the money back for the vehicle. . And it was actually a female military veteran that they took advantage of. Being that she was military and a female they figured that they could just get over on her . It just pisses me off when people take advantage of women and they take advantage of our military personnel because of the fact that they’re not here to defend themselves when they’re off doing active duty to defend others . What gets me is that either Dane the owner is completely oblivious to the shenanigans and dishonesty of his salesman Alan or he is completely covering up for Alan’s lies when Alan told this woman to bring the vehicle back after Alan never put the warranty through and the company kept the money until after she started creating a fuss and then they wanted to just send her the money back for the warranty and now they refuse to give her the money for the vehicle and they have the vehicle . So literally she is out almost $15,000 “AND THE VEHICLE So often people share the funny and political things on facebook and in life, but for once let’s share something that is about something local and Support A Military person that’s getting screwed over locally, let’s make a difference. *Instead of doing nothing like people so often do Help make a difference.* Anyone that knows these people or is friends with them should be ashamed of themselves for even being associated with them! (I plan to repost this every day so that everybody in the world sees this until this is made right, and hopefully we can get some “SUPPORT FOR OUR VETERANS” out there from other people to make sure that this gets corrected) . BUYER BEWARE. . . THESE GUYS ARE CROOKS, THE OWNER DANE AND SALESMAN ALAN ARE CON MEN, LIARS, AND THEIVES ! ! ! ANYONE THAT DEALS WITH THEM IS A FOOL, AND A GLUTEN FOR LOSS. YOU CAN’T SAY YOU HAVEN’T BEEN WARNED ! ! ! . AGAIN THIS IS HOW THIS COMPANY TREATS VETERANS, AND PEOPLE IN GENERAL ! ! ! ! . ☆☆☆THEY CONED AND STOLE THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FROM A 27 YEAR VETERAN AND “OFFICER” OF OUR UNITED STATES MILITARY☆☆☆ . ☆☆☆Anyone that cons an actively serving military member because they know that the military member won’t be able to defend themselves while serving our country; or even supports a person or company like that is a true disgrace to this country and themselves ☆☆☆ . It also appears that now two weeks after these posts have originally started being posted back in the beginning of April, that Credit Connections has now made a donation of approximately half the amount of money that they stole from the veteran to the Breast Cancer Society and posted it on their Facebook page and other places to try and save face in the community. NICE TRY But still refuse to address this mistreatment of our military veterans. Again There is A Lawsuit Filed in this case in the York County Court House!

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