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Published: 06 September 2019

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Credit Karma is bogus. The supposed CEO comes in here, yet has no name or address? Your no CEO, who ever you are. Just like CarFax has a faceless, nameless CEO. Folks, Credit Karma might give you free information, but it’s not going to be very accurate. I know far to many people that have gone to CK for a score report, the to a car dealership or their bank to get a , and the scores are way off, 70-150 points, usually lower, than actual. So, 1, the information is free, but it’s not accurate. 2: To get accurate info, use your once a year all three credit reports or get a credit card that usually will show you your current scores as a side service. Also, the BBB cannot be trusted because they are paid by the very companies they rate, so BBB is, in itself, a scam too. That’s right, the BBB is run by the businesses it rates, controlled by those business. FTC, FBI, And Consumer Affairs needs to do something about these ruthless companies. An folks, remember: if you see something on the Internet or on TV and it says free, beat your head into a wall 3x and realize nothing is free. Never has been, never will be. CreditKarma does charge a fee for your real credit score. I would not, however, trust or use a business that has little form of contact, no names of company officers from CEO down the ladder, etc. Do yourselves a big favor, do not use these services with CK. they are selling your info, that’s how they are making $$, big money infact. Just get your once a year 3 free reports or get a credit card that hastbe option for monitoring your credit, many of them do these days. Avoid credit karma at all costs. PS: It’s a shame there’s nobody out there to get rid of these bogus companies! Or to afraid to. .

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