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Credit Nouveau

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Published: 21 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

They merged it. They placed me on fraud alert with secondary credit number. They do NOT give second chances. They started my file September 1st and i kept getting excuse after excuse as to why my file was taking so long, such as her husband was in hospital, she was out of town, she went on motorcycle ride with her husband. I got so many excuses as to what wasgoing on. She doesn’t return calls promptly. It would take days almost weeks to get a return call. She finally stopped return calls when I found out that they sabotoged my file on purpose. | They offered Secondary credit number and 2 tradelines which you could use to build your secondary credit number. They started my secondary credit number file September and as soon as I turned in all documents (Deposit of money into their account for which i have a copy of my receipt, signed documnets and disclosures, copy of ID, address for you scn) and my money, the game from them began. | I could barely get a return call and when i did, it would take days, if not weeks to get a return call. When i did get the reurn call, I got excuse after excuse after excuse, from out of town with her husband, he was in the hospital, to a motorcycle ride for the weekend, more excuses. It took them until December to finally get me the tradelines which I could not use at all because they merge my credit with the scn to sabotoge my file. My credit was on fraud alert due to them. They finally stopped returning my calls, text, and emails becausing emailed and text them telling them I found out what they did to my file and why they did it. They are a totally unprofessional and a RIP OFF and totally ruined the business I had set out to do with them. They got my money and from then on the game began. I tried to keep it professional but they made it personal.

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