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Published: 26 December 2018

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I was nitified of an inquiry to my credit report (Eqifax) in March of 2013 by Comcast Cable in Plymouth MI. I placed a fraud alert on my Eqifax file and filed a possible I.D. theft report to my local police department. I recieved a bill from Credit Protection Association L.P. in July 2013 for $146.10 due to Comcast Cable. I do not have Comcast Cable services in my area, and I live 185 miles north of the claimed billing. I called CPA at 877-322-2432 and did speak to a gentleman and explained that this bill was not mine, even that the Social Security number last four digits on the bill did not match mine, and refused to give him my correct information. He claimed that the file would be corrected. I have since recieved a billing in August, which I tried to call them again at the numer listed on the bill and the number I used the last time (above) and was unable to get out of the auto-maze at both numbers. I was finally able to to make contact with Comcast with a live chat, and explain the problem I was having with this bill. I was informed that they have no idea what this bill is, they don’t even have any account numbers that match the bill or any bill for anyone with my name. I was able to printout the transcript of the convesation, and sent it along with the explanation that the billing is fraudulent to CPA with a return receipt so they did get it (signed by a G.B. Driscoll). But this is not the end, again a billing for the same amount came September 9th, which I have place yet another update to the original police report and extended the fraud alert on my credit report. I have decieded that if another billing does arrive I will have to get legal representation and sue these people for harassment.

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