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Published: 06 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We’ve been Working Assets/Credo customers for over 22 years. The company has gone down the drain. They charge exorbitant fees and cannot fix the mistakes they’ve made. We were offered, on their website while bill paying, an upgrade to 4G deal with a $20 discount per line for switching over, and we had (the maximum of) 5 lines on the account. Never have I been able to activate phones online as instructed. I attempting to activate on of our lines with a new SIM card, over the phone with Credo, a whole new number was created…a sixth line (they have no idea how this happened). So, now my partner’s phone has lost her and we are being charged for an extra new line that should never have been created. | Over the course of the next few weeks, I spend hours on days off and at work trying to sort this out…to no avail. I’m put on hold for 30min. at a time on calls thet take over an hour, new SIM cards are sent (5-7 days), they too cannot be activated as per instructed, and the whole thing goes around again like Groundhog Day. Meanwhile, my partner’s line is dead, NO SERVICE. The penalty we’ve paid for following Credo’s instructions, well over $100 a line, and being a 2-decades-plus customer is: | 1) No phone service for a line on our account for over a month 2) Lost work, wages, and contact with family for my partner 3) Lost personal and work time for myself trying to sort this mess out 4) Mild depression for the whole family 5) A feeling of overall helplessness and isolation regarding getting help from Credo 6) Resentment for ineptitude on Credo’s part 7) Thousands of dollars spent for terrible and overpriced (lack of) service 8) A need to find a new phone carrier and the energy, funds and time that requires | Credo’s representatives are friendly enough, but they are not empowered to get anything done and have no acccountability despite the creation of numerous “Ticket ‘s.” I spoke with a coulple “supervisors” after being put on hold for 20-40mins at a time, and encountered similar results of getting nothing accomplished or resolved. All we ever did was support the company by paying an enormous bill, referring customers and following instructions. In return we have been ripped-off and mistreated. Shame on Credo for terrible business practices in the name of supporting progressive causes.

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