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Published: 14 May 2018

Posted by: EnforcerGirl

***** YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE WITH A LETTER ***** To make a long story short… I was working with an AWESOME rep from CB&T. She is located in Virginia. She worked with me as I kept her updated on my situation. She even helped me get my loan modified!!! ASK ABOUT THIS OPTION! ASK ABOUT EXTENSIONS!! Then suddenly, my account gets transferred to the Louisiana office. Generally speaking, these people SUCK! They are rude and just pushy “collections” people. They have NO courtesy or compassion. I am here to tell you… DOCUMENT your experiences with date, time, names and phone numbers they call from. WRITE A LETTER with your experiences in chronological order. SPECIFICALLY state how the experiences made you feel, how the calls/information/service violates your rights as a consumer. Let them know you WILL PURSUE LEGAL ACTION for every violation under FAIR DEBT COLLECTIONS PRACTICES ACT, TITLE 15, CHAPTER 41, SUB CHAPTER V, SS 1692 A-P, which is punishable by $1, 000 per violation (i believe). State you will document ALL COMMUNICATION from there on out and should their threats/intimidation continue, you will pursue legal action to the fullest extent of the law. Your letter serves as a warning to them and notifying them how much you are aware of YOUR RIGHTS! DON’T BE A VICTIM!!! STAND UP AND PUT THEM ON NOTICE! You must have everything documented. YOU DO NOT HAVE to divulge your personal information OR your personal problems to anyone. IT IS ILLEGAL FOR THEM TO ASK THOSE KINDS OF QUESTIONS. Its none of their business! THE CANNOT THREATEN YOU, if they have no REAL INTENTION of pursuing the threat. I.E. They can’t say they are going to repo your vehicle and not do it. THEY CANNOT CALL YOU AT WORK IF YOU TELL THEM NOT TO. THEY CAN CALL YOU 20 TIMES IF YOU DONT ANSWER. ANSWER THE PHONE. Document the calls! Its in your benefit. Maintain communication with a rep you feel comfortable with. Refer others reps to the primary person you deal with. A good rep will work with you. After I wrote and faxed my letter… It took over a week for a response and I must say, I was given a nice apology with a confirmation of receipt of my letter. My requests were respected and agreed upon. 🙂 They now know not to mess with me. I am armed with my rights! 🙂 HOPE THIS HELPS!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU! 🙂

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