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Published: 08 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I’m a single father of twin girls, they’re only 8 but are very smart. I needed a place to leave them after school, and I was recommended this place by a friend who also has his son there. They were excited to meet new kids and have something to do outside of the house, so I was excited too, the first time we went, everyone was very attentive and kind to us. The place was very comfortable, they gave me a tour of the facilities, and I got to see where my kids would have their lessons. There was a lesson taking place at that moment, so we watched it for a while. My girls were fascinated after the class, on the way home, they could not talk about anything else, they were even imagining they had black belts like the teachers, but the first impression did not last long.
A few days later, my kids came back crying from their first class, saying that they did not want to go there ever again. This was heartbreaking for me, what could have possibly happened to them in their first class? I asked them and the teachers about what happened that day, the answers were all over the place. My girls said that a kid had kicked one of them, and the other kids had bullied her. The teachers said that the kids had a great day, learned a lot, and went home with a smile.
I was determined to find the truth about what happened, so I asked their teacher again, this time showing them a picture of my girls, he says that these girls are not in his class and were probably with another teacher that day. I asked the other teacher about that day, again, showing her the picture and she says exactly the same thing, these girls were not in her class. How was that even possible? Is it that they do not know the faces of their students?
I went to see the manager and requested an explanation, keep in mind this went on for days, so I was losing my time and my money since I had already paid for the first month. The manager tells me that the teachers sometimes forget their students, but I disagree, how can someone not remember having in their class the only twin girls in the entire school?
I was confused and mad about the situation, so instead of trying to figure out where my girls had spent their first day, I asked for my refund, stating that I would not let my daughters spend more time in that sketchy place. As expected, the manager refused to give me a refund, saying that there was nothing wrong with their teachers or classes. I pressed the manager many times for a refund since the lessons are not cheap, but they kept refusing to do it.
The month ended, and I never got my money back. I might be taking my kids to another dojo, but I am never going back to this one.

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