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Published: 10 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

So my fiance worked for this company for just over a month into a half. In the beginning things actually started out pretty good. Since there is a terminal that is local that can do orientation we were able to drive him there so we did not have to endure the hour-long Greyhound bus rides. But as per most trucking companies they did put him in a low-cost rather rundown Hotel. They did have what they call the typical continental breakfast you know juice Bagels muffins nothing cooked. And during the week-long orientation he was given food vouchers which he was able to go to the local restaurants and get food. He did the typical physical and paperwork and all that and was told that he would | have to go to Pennsylvania from Tennessee to do a sleep study. The company was really nice rented a car for him and three other gentleman to go to Pennsylvania to do their sleep study in which of course they put them in a nother rundown hotel and odd as it may seem they actually did the sleep study there in the hotel in like a conference area you were in your own room though, just not the room that was assigned to you because these rooms are specifically set up for the sleep study so yes your belongings are separate from you in your own personal room. | Upon passing the sleep study he proceeded to the terminal that was local in Pennsylvania and was assigned a driver trainer and | this is where the fun begins ladies and gentlemen so buckle up and get ready for a ride. Day one went pretty good for him and I personally sitting at home thought his trainer seemed to be a decent person because if the time my fiance did not have a working cell phone his trainer did allow him only once a day to call and check up on me which was really nice given that I have brain. When I would text to see if my fiance was driving or was able to talk his trainer was very nice to me I must admit but what was happening behind the scenes was a different story. This gentleman if you want to call him that I personally like to call him this swine on the corner was all about his Ladies as | he called them and gambling. You know personally what you do on your own free time with your own money is none of my business but when my husband is in the truck with you and you are supposed to be training him to do a job even though really he does not need training he has had his class A CDL since 1999 you should be doing your job which is to train him because your company has certain policies that must be adhered to. One of their weird policies that I couldn’t figure out was how the drivers were required to go in and edit their electronic logbooks to adjust the time this is something that this trainer was supposed to be training my fiance on as the fact that he had never had to | do this before. But he was not training him on that and if my fiance messed up which lo and behold he did because he never done it before his trainer would yell at him at the top of his lungs and treat him as if he was a two year old. Many things such as wrinkling a napkin setting your phone you’re the driver console even though you’re driving having a window down going over 15 on your RPMs would end up with this man yelling at the top of his lungs at my fiance for many many hours at the end of yelling he would look at my fiance and say tell me you understand me now tell me you understand me just like you would say to your two year old child. Many times when stopped he would | leave my husband instead of sitting there training him on the log books or on the reefer unit or other things that he needed to be trained on he would leave my husband alone in the truck for many hours so he could go to adult entertainment clubs. Of course if you ask my fiance that was a wonderful thing because he got a break from this man but in my opinion as a professional you should be doing your job when you are a trainer when you have a trainee in your truck you should be with the truck at all times not gallivanting around with your ladies as he liked call them or out gambling. When the logs were being done he would wait 2 or 3 weeks before doing and of course are | you going to remember what you did at 10 a.m. 3 weeks ago exactly probably not so just you meant to be very difficult and heaven forbid you forgot or said I don’t remember what I did because you would get yelled at for hours. My fiance was rather disgusted with all of it so this trainer looked at him and said you know once upon a time I had a gentleman didn’t like the way I was doing things so I just kicked him off the truck right there at the shipper. He was also informed that company policy stated that if he did not like the trainer he was with then he could get off the truck it did not matter where he was at at a rest area at a truck stop in the middle of a backwoods Road get his stuff and | find a way home they would not provide transportation. Not only would this happen he would be required to pay for the original hotel is orientation all of the food provided during his original hotel stay the rental car that even if he hadn’t been there would have been needed for the other three gentlemen the second Hotel the sleep study and all his pay during the time that he was in the truck. Yes you read that correctly even though he drove that truck during training and was paid for that training he would have been required to reimburse the company for his pay during that time so basically he would have drove that truck and delivered their loads for free. So instead he waited until he | went on his phone time to call his driver manager and explain what was going on the driver manager explained that that was his trainer in that was who he needed to be with. My fiance explain the conditions were highly unsafe multiple times as his trainer was driving he came close to having severe accidents. The reasons were because his phone was attached to his hands 24/7 he relied on it for GPS which many people know a phone GPS or Google is not reliable for trucks he would be on Facebook or texting while he was driving and more than once almost ran off the road one of those times while on a Mountain Road almost driving off the edge of the mountain. Again his driver | manager explained that that was who he was assigned to but that they would try to find somebody else but if they couldn’t he could be sitting for weeks if not a month or more while they waited to find someone. But thankfully they did find him a new trainer with him for days but thing is that my fiance decided that with the unprofessionalism of the company he did not want to stick with him and less and yes we are now going to be sued for all those thousands of dollars that they say we owe. I do realize that for some people you may not have any option but to take a job with a company such as this but I would highly advise against it with the unprofessionalism and well say the least an unsafe | environment I would highly recommend that you find somewhere else to go. For any women out there that are reading this trying to help their husbands find a job might I suggest that this is not a company you would allow your husband to work for or even suggest you work for because they will corrupt your husband simple as that they will corrupt your man thankfully mine got out before that happened. Just my personal opinion but I feel that if my fiance had stayed with the company much longer it would not have been long before his driver trainer had prostitutes in the truck as well so ladies if you don’t want some lot lizard nasty person grinding up and down on your husband while he is trying to do his job I would suggest you don’t go with this company.

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