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Published: 27 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I applied for services through the website or and the company assigned to me an alleged vetted “member”. | The purpose of my application was to find a professional developer who could use their knowledge, training, experience and expertise in order to develop a mobile application with specific process flows and quality. | An agreement was entered into with the developer for work on the project, but the individual “feigned” work and never performed. Based upon communications with your member, I determined that he had no intention of completing the project whatsoever, and had hoped to profit without delivering any work. At this point I refused to approve any alleged completed work, and terminated the project. | I contacted Crew’s (pick or Customer Support at your company, and I was told to apply for “Project Protection”. According to their website, project protection is a process a project owner or member can initiate in the event of a “dispute”. The developer and I did not have a dispute about the quality of work: he didn’t perform the work for which he was contracted. That’s a huge difference in terms. | The express warranty on their website specifically states that they: “vet” members; accept liability for members; and process payments. It also states that any and all agreements created by and through their service is a “legally binding” agreement. | Therefore, based upon their terms, express warranty, and the fact that I was defrauded by one of your “vetted” members, I’m demanded a full refund of all monies paid into their escrow account for the project, which was never done, completed, delivered or published on any mobile app store. | It further came to my knowledge that after my demand was made, this company falsified records, including but not limited to emails, communications, and even banking records, with the intent to misrepresent this matter and further perpetrate the fraud to which I was subject whereby their so called “vetted” vendor failed to provide the services rendered, yet they claim to have paid the vendor anyway after falsifying email screenshots to claim they tried to reach me before releasing the money to their partners in crime. They left me empty-handed with no app, money or source files after lying that the app was ready for use. | Apparently their real name is Canada Inc 7943067. And from my private investigation, I gathered they received monies for the services with a bank account (…****) not operated by either a business entity called Crew or Canada Inc 7943067. | This was confirmed by their payment processor Stripe and got the reply below: | “I searched our systems and is actually not one of Stripe’s users. We don’t have any past or current Stripe accounts associated with that URL or business. I realise that allegations of falsified records and deceptive marketing practices are serious indeed, and would recommend reaching out to their Support folks directly to address this concern with them” | Nothing seems to be straightforward about this company. Unfortunately, I live overseas and it would take 180 days for the police to get an audit trail report on the emails they falsified to steal my money in collusion with their members who have no job histories or ratings when you log into the site. They give you the impression that you don’t need to worry about job histories since they have already vetted them for your project. | Stephanie Liverani is one of the people I got in touch with and probably engineered the falsification of email records and my signature approval to release the funds from their platform. | These people are just a bunch of shameless criminals. I intend to file a criminal case in the U.S. after getting and audit trail report from the police in my country on the fake email screenshots they sent.

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