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Published: 15 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I received a voicemail stating there were 3 legal actions against me and a warrant would be issued for my arrest. I called back and was told there were legal actions against me. I told the guy who had a thick accent ( Pakistan or similar) there were no legal actions against me he said who told you that. I told I know for a fact there are none. He then proceeded to tell me the last 4 digits of a SS which was not mine and then asked to confirm my DOB. Which again was not correct. He asked if I work for this one company and gave the name I said no. He said he must have the wrong person. So I asked him what these legal actions were and he told me he would have me arrested and in jail by morning ” you dirty b***h”. I told him to bring it on I told him go ahead send the cops out. He said he wasn’t sending the cops out dirty b***h he was coming himself vans once I was in jail he’d do my a*s. I told him he didn’t have the balls. He said he had the balls and he’d show me. I said yeah whatever go ahead come and get me and I hung up. When my husband called back off of three different phone numbers he wouldn’t answer the phone He said his name was kevin Williams It was a scam to confirm my DOB and SS numbers I refuse to give my number out over the phone and if you really were gonna issue a warrant for my arrest you wouldn’t call me bout it first. Stupid people don’t fall for it .

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