Crisis Education

Crisis Education

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Published: 21 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Well i remember ordering a garden tyoe thing last year to be able to grow veggies in a confined area. Its like a big strawberry pot but stands about 3 feet high. I thought the cost was about $100 along with some seeds and a few pointers. So far so good. That was in Jan 2015. by the middle of Feb 2015 i had been having serious internet problems and finally after no one could get the viruses off my equipment I shut everythiing down. These problems had been going on the better part of a year. So, fearing tht there was a breach into my whole system i tossed out my computer and tablet. I changed my phone and phone company. I froze all my bank and credit card accounts. I changed internet server. Changed modem again.I did not even plug the new modem in for about 5 or six weeks. I bought new computer and tablet. I left everything off line for about 6 weeks. I changed my email and never opened up my old google email account which is the address this outfit would have. so now this is the only way I couod fid a phone number to make an inquisition at lest!! $497.00 it is not like me to buy something thst expensive. its like a plastic 55 gallon drum. | now a year later i am going through old bills and found some charges on my credit card beginning Jan 15 2015 t5hru march 1 2015. one of the charges is $497.oo Yikes. I have been unaware of this charge and the others totaling about another $100. All my info changed and I forgot about the garden charges…assuming it was around $100, maybe a little bit more since I did recieve some nice seeds. BUT HOLY MACREL $497 for this thing snd then no nhone number on the credit card statement…I doont like that part. But now I have these charges totsling $634 from last yer which I assume I paid along with everything else. Normally I would have seen this situation much earlier, but I was so upset and having to change al myinformation cards, etc I was not on too of that issue. but I feel like that was a big overcharge. I did not participate or recieve anything except a bos of seeds…surely not 5 or six different items ranging in price from 14.95 to $37.00. thats a lot of packages..i would have noticed something. | So I am searching for a phone number and in the meantime ran across this website. so….

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