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Published: 14 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I was contacted by the HR Director, Shannon Walsh. (email address removed by admin) 646-595-6583 I told the receptionist I was there to see Shannon Walsh. I had to fill out a form with my information and return it. I noticed most people were not dressed professionally in the waiting area, which struck me as odd. There weren’t any CroMex signs either. I ended up meeting with Corona (Meixi) Xu instead of Shannon. Shannon probably doesn’t exist. The interview questions were simple. I should have picked up on the red flag that Corona only gave me extremely vague answers when I asked her what sort of campaigns the company worked on. She also didn’t have a computer, which I thought was strange. I noticed she wasn’t dressed that great either. Corona said someone would call me around 4 or 5pm to tell me if I made it to the next round. When I got out into the waiting room, there were at least 20 people waiting. It was insane. I got my phone call around 5:30pm from a woman named Vanessa. She said I was one of the "top" candidates and asked if I could come in the next day at 9:30am for an all day shadowing and second round. Decisions would also be made at the end of the day. Here is the confirmation email I received shortly after: Just reconfirming your 2nd round interview for tomorrow. We are excited to have you spend the day on one of our leaders. Please arrive at our office by 9:30 am, and as previously mentioned this will be a full day for you to observe, therefore I’d suggest that you keep your schedule free. The day will be a chance for you to find out more about the role and the services we provide for our clients and observe the on-site sales we do. We’ll look to make final decisions by the end of the day. As with any interview, please come professionally dressed and bring a notepad and pen so you can take down some notes throughout the day to ensure you take in as much information as possible. Since much planning goes into the second stage, please inform us should any issues come up that could prevent you from attending I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to do some more in-depth research on CroMex. Before, I had barely found any information and thought they were a new company. I found Corona on LinkedIn after some digging. She was under Meixi Xu ( During the interview, she had mentioned she had been with CroMex for two years. Her LinkedIn says otherwise and she was previously with Wallace Morgan. Well, lo and behold I look up Wallace Morgan and multiple pages of scams pop up including this link, which is the exact same experience I had: I immediately sent an email canceling the interview. What I wanted to do was send an angry email telling them how scummy they are as people, but I think this is better since more people will know how truly horrible they are. By the way, the actual job is selling cell phones in areas such as the Bronx. They fail to mention this. Companies like this tend to change their names frequently. I just can’t believe how much they people lie. I just hope others don’t fall into the same trap. I wasted so much time here.

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